For the past few months analysts have been saying that the New York Giants lack the Recieving game that they would need to really contend.

After lasts nights historic defeat of the Cowboys expect to never hear that again.
Two wide recievers emerged as great targets for Eli, Steve Smith and Mario Manningham had 10 catches each combining for 284 yards.

Smith ran perfect routes and would have had an even bigger night if it werent for Eli missing him on a few wide open plays.

He found ways to get open and caught everything within reach.
On one play early in the fourth quarter he ran an excellent route and shook a defender so hard he fell on the floor leaving Smith open for a 22 yard touchdown strike over the middle.

Mario Manningham stayed mostly to the outside and seems to be Eli's deep threat. He breaks tackles with ease and makes huge plays.

After the Giants were hurt by a bad call that would not allow Kenny Phillips interception for a touchdown count, Manningham treated our anger with a nice dose of highlight reel material. He dove and caught a ball in the end zone, when he landed the ball popped out but he stayed cool and performed an amazing juggling catch.

Instead of everyone talking about the Giants lack of a number 1 reciever they should be talking about the fact that we have 2 number 1 recievers.

I expect these two to become one of the best recieving duo's in the league, as Chris Collinsworth said in the booth last night, "Steve Smith might not be known as the "other" Steve Smith for much longer." Lets hope that he's right.


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