So, NFL superstars still haven’t learned the importance of staying away from troubling allegations that involves the inconvenience of baleful women, who originally love them, but in a matter of seconds transform into a precarious individual endangering a superstar’s fame. Among athletes, relationships are inevitable, and it seems unlawful accusations are rampant as well.

We live in a time when Twitter formulates, not only poor English, but also makes us concerned about players getting involved with point-shaving, unlawful betting, and faulty relationships, misdeeds that can impair a livelihood.

That’s sort of like San Diego Chargers’ defensive leader Shawne Merriman, who’s experiencing a bright career that’s now inhibited until further specifics are presented.

Until then, the Chargers top defensive star is faced with battery charges for choking and restraining Tila "Tequila" Nguyen, the wild and adventurous girl who posed for Playboy.The alleged incident occurred as Nguyen tried to leave his home near San Diego on Sunday night.

It started from her recent love letters posted on Merriman’s Twitter page, which is becoming a nagging element for most NFL players. The beautiful letters to Merriman were signs of immeasurable exposure and bad timing as the season looms. The four million friends on her MySpace were signs of developing allegations to ignite an exaggerated media frenzy, putting a favorable season aside.

By now, the Chargers are accustomed to some of Merriman’s slip ups. He was suspended for four games three years ago, after testing positive for using steroids. So, it’s alright to figure that general manager A.J. Smith and teammates would distance themselves from all the uncertainty.

I had predicted the Chargers to effortlessly dominate the AFC West, having arguably a lethal rushing attack with an agile LaDainian Tomlinson and a speedy Darren Sproles. But more impressively, the leader defensively is Merriman, an integral part for stopping the rush. He’s healthier and creates trouble, with his powerful ability to outrun the block and rush, frustrating the opposing offense.

Just from hearing this flustering story, makes us speculate more about allegations of women accusing sports stars of domestic violence. And it tells us players haven’t learned to be more careful with individuals they select to associate with, through Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or even at nightclubs.

For more than a decade, players have endured painful confrontations in relationships, but most of all, there were indications for avoiding unlawful pitfalls. This is happening too much in the sports world, and it’s happening to marquee stars that are perceived as role models.

After a while, this drains us, hearing the same issues repeat themselves. I’m personally drained by our mischievous sports world, as players fail to dismiss weed, DUIs, syringes, pills, and now insidious women who tells us a different story.

And this issue occurs commonly in the NFL. The most reckless and bravest quarterback in the league Ben Roethlisberger denies that he sexually assaulted a woman, working at the suite that he stayed in. And now, Merriman believes he’ll clear his name quickly, as many feel they’re invincible because of fame.

Just recently, Michael Vick was release from federal custody for killing dogs and bankrolling a dogfighting ring. No player is invincible—even Merriman. If the Nguyen battery charges are true, Merriman could serve a suspension and pay the consequences.

His attorney, Todd Macaluso, said that Nguyen was intoxicated and that Merriman was trying to prevent her from driving drunk.

Who really knows?

But I do know enough to say that she is trouble, and isn’t any good for Merriman. Now, the San Diego County Sheriff Department is involved, meaning they have control, since she called 911 to report that she was been restrained. Later in the wee hours, police responded to the disturbance call to create a messy situation as the start of the regular season remains one week away.

At a time when the Chargers could be this year’s miracle team and shock us all by advancing to the Super Bowl, they took a few steps backwards, waiting for pending information.

Let’s not ensure they’ll win it all. But we can ensure Merriman is someone other players could learn from to avoid domestic violence in the near future.


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