Written by Krishna Dhani

Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens known as T.O. seems to not be able to keep his stats as good.

Well i mean look at this T.O. still isn't accustomed to the life with the Bills. Not only does he have to get accustomed with the Bills and practice a lot now, he has his own tv show called the T.O.. Now lets see how he is going to get accustomed be at practice most of the time but he needs update the T.O. show.

If he doesn't update the show then he is not going have any fans of his show. Lets see here if he doesn't have any people going to watch his show then his show will be cancled and he will not have to many fans.

The reason that I am saying this is, is that if you ask someone that doesn't know so much football, "do you know anyone on the Bills?" what will they say? T.O.. That is what they will say, everyone knows him.

Now people don't go to the Bills games just to see the game, they go to see T.O.. Just like they go to see Vick in that Eagles uniform.

This is so simple obviosly if even lacks off a little he is going to be real famous. The reason I am saying famous if something happens to a player the news spreads everywhere. Like what was going on with Vick and other players. Its is really simple. I don't know why anyone would doubt on this.

I mean how good does this get for him. People think that he will get better he won't he will lack with all the preasure on him then when people go away and he gets good again he will famous again. This time with way more attention.

It is like a never ending story, T.O. will always be famous. I am not saying that other players are not, some are more famous. But if they follow what i am saying about getting out and in. I tell every player to read this if they have the chance.

Note to readers: I might be coming out with a book about this philosphy.


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