Your average basketball loyalist fails to understand that the Cleveland Cavaliers might not be mighty after all. Because they now consist of the Man of Steel, Superman, the Big Catus or the Big Diesel, doesn’t legitimize pure dominance over a menacing team in the most compelling conference.

But when the Celtics rejuvenated and returned to precedence two seasons ago, reaching a climax that Boston vastly owned in the 1970s and '80s, Kevin Garnett smoked a victory cigar and emotionally lifted his head skyward. Moments later, he shouted to the heavens "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!"

Words are similar for the Cavs, too. But we must remember, it’s an understatement not to fear the Boston Celtics, when lately most of the hype is centered on the revamped Cavs. In their respective offseasons, the front office made a desperate transition, when general manager Danny Ferry and owner Dan Gilbert were decisive in adding physicality to mitigate fragile and soft toughness inside.

One reason upgrading the roster was greatly relevant to build a forceful and contending core around NBA’s most attractive superstar LeBron James was a solution for bribing the reigning Most Valuable Player to remain in a Cavs uniform.

The last thing to imagine is James departing to New York and suiting up for the Knicks, undoubtedly expanding revenue as a distraught town will easily transform into a cheerful environment and detach from a disoriented era, which left a horrid stain.

Meanwhile, in such an active locale, an intense crowd is accustomed to high-flying dunks, the baby powder toss, and surprising tricks.

The engaging fans are attached to LeBron's finesse plays that no player could match, and bringing in Shaq is obviously an annex for aspiration in the near future. Aiming for a championship in a town where fans and winning championships rocks, the hype is worth dwelling on.

There’s no excuses now, with a forceful center who at one point in his career was known as the most dominant center, right? Well, there’s a few excuses you can simply make. There are tough obstacles taunting the Cavs, vastly becoming archrivals in a much-competitive conference.

Obviously, an entire season could be menacing, longer and exhausting, when a bloody matchup in likelihood could ruin a potential year for the Cavs and force LeBron to seek a change of scenery.

Considering his next destination is a flattering home, where contending for multiple titles is a top propriety, LeBron will finally sense a clear understanding on what winning the grandest prize is like in his proud career, rather than attaining awards for individual excellence.

If there’s one team capable of dismantling strong beliefs or corroding superiority, the Celtics are fitted to persuade LeBron to leave town and force Shaq to retire.

To start with, the Celtics are introducing a new vision of Celtic Pride. For now shamrocks and victory cigars are earning praise, as analyst and basketball devotees anoint the Boston Three Party, more than giving credit to purple and gold.

Although it’s early to tell which team is equipped, admittedly you can predict the Celtics will be competing for the shining Larry O’Brien Trophy, attempting to win their second title in three seasons.

The regular season launched tonight, and the Celtics body language defines a starved group, still bitter of the significant injury of Kevin Garnett, which paralyzed last season and dismissed satisfaction.

No longer was the general public optimistic, giving the Cavs a slight advantage as Garnett missed the entire postseason by nursing and recovering from a serious knee injury.

Whenever the Big Ticket, punches in his ticket, the Celtics are a legitimate powerhouse and tough to defeat. Garnett is their inspirational leader, their defensive expert, putting on a show for spectators who purchased a ticket. Being healthier than ever, his presence inside gives them a chance of reclaiming prevalence.

Yet on nights like this one, the Celtics leaned on their top-notch point guards, demolishing Shaq’s debut and LeBron’s assurance of owning Boston and their residences.

Late in the game as minutes trickled, Pierce was clutched and nailed two crucial jumpers with 1:03 remaining. That tallied a final score of 95-89 to scratch out a victory over the new-look Cavs.

Then again, most could have a mutual notion about the Celtics, after adding depth inside and building a fierce tandem. Most predict that Boston will win it all because of the addition of Rasheed Wallace, who scored 12 points in his debut, known for his toughness by clogging the middle and making it difficult for opponents to drive the lane smoothly.

As for the Cavs, King James posted an usual 38 points. Of course, it's not good enough to overthrow a fortunate team like the Celtics, having all the ingredients to reclaim the spotlight and possibly meet their archenemies in a rematch in June.

As we know, the Celtics-Cavs are bloody, meaning it will be a hard-fought war throughout the year.

Meanwhile, the Celtics are scarier and bloodier. Guess anything is possible!


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