Shame on our country that was bred and taught to unite as one. If citizens truly believe in befriending other individuals, America would be a kinder place, and we’ll impetuously utter united we stand, united we fall. But we’ve reached a point, when emotionally others betrays someone, sadly, implying cowardice under the circumstance that they were never really a true friend.

Needless to say, it’s similar to Magic Johnson’s and Isiah Thomas’ impair friendship that unraveled and unfeasibly is irreparable, viewed as a bitter altercation. Worse, it developed a scene publicly, shocking us to learn it was never a close bond after all.

Even more veiling, is the fact a long-term connection ended badly in a war of words, which never recovered creating execrable and dumbfounded an entire universe, leaving us speechless and surprised. Truthfully, none of the madness and childish games should be as surprising as the public exaggerate on an issue defined as ignorance.

I’m not analyzing whether it’s right or wrong to publicize a feud as frivolous as these two legendary icons exchange words, regarding the 1992 U.S. Olympic Dream Team, but will admit feuding on the past is staggering, mindless and impulsive.

Dwelling on the latest book Johnson recently published, is outdated news and should be downplayed. Clearly, Johnson and Thomas always had a bitter friendship, but demolished more as time progress.

The release of Johnson’s new book, “When the Game Was Ours”, a biography bringing out an abnormal side of the man who invented the “Showtime Era” when he shined for the purple and gold stockpiling titles within a span, and the man who invested wisely to flourish and proliferate into a fruitful entrepreneur.

In the meantime, allow me to emphasize a wise businessman who has had enough of the childish mind games and verbal confrontations with a long-time nemesis, Thomas. That would be, of course, Johnson expressing beliefs in his book, which allegedly reveals the truth.

It provides a logic sense of what transpired between the two men who are obviously attempting to settle a problematic altercation, flaring up into an unimportant controversy. Constant debates have been brought to our attention, unexpectedly startled by the bizarre admission.

As much as you try grasping a factual understanding or forecast a questionable bond, a true friendship was never immaculate, but formed negative bitterness in which holding grudges finally surfaces in a bitter ending and not a happy closure. For a long time, the two legends gave us reason to believe their friendship remained unbreakable.

If Johnson and Thomas were close friends at the time, obviously in the book, which Johnson co-authored with former nemesis Larry Bird and ESPN contributor Jackie MacMullan, he sadly held accusations confidential. What seems to be the truth is shocking when it could actually be, knowing Thomas’ history on and off the court.

Seems wondering otherwise is absolutely disbelieving the well-beloved miracle worker whose charitable contributions have done much, benefiting the less fortunate in the problematic streets of Los Angeles to Detroit, where Magic’s roots started as a kid growing up in poverty as well.

Given the negative episodes, grotesque incidents transpired, which have emerged recently, declined Thomas’ credibility. If someone has amnesia or deeply is blindsided as Thomas seems to be on pending accusations, speculating on Johnson’s recent announcement in which he admittedly states he was responsible for keeping Thomas off the ’92 U.S. Olympic Dream Team, gives us a reason to believe Magic.

A bitter Johnson has divulged hostility and skepticism towards a disloyal Thomas, offended by his humiliating rumor. Its ignorance to acknowledge a so-called friend as bisexual in the wake of Johnson’s public announcement in ’91 when he had admittedly informed the public he had tested positive for HIV.

Enough has been said on the verbal he-said controversy. I’m advising the masses to carefully speculate this ongoing issue, meaning backtrack to Thomas’ horrific problems that poisoned a franchise and tarnished his image. He unprofessionally instigated further issues between him and guard Stephen Marbury, a heated feud erupting ongoing confrontations during the New York Knicks rebuilding period.

Also, he had the sexual harassment suit filed against him. Even more disturbing, he was rushed to a hospital, when he had apparently overdosed on sleeping pills, an incident that will never bring out true colors. Throughout his playing career, he was a portrait of arrogance and insidious, or a worthless conspirator who inanely had no morals.

Mostly anyone who follows the game is mindful of Thomas’ arrogant smirks, inane remarks and stupidity, so exceedingly all the specifics stated in the book, might or might not be strictly biases.

Assuming his premise is truthful accusations, ultimately it would be sensible to trust Johnson, especially when issues involve an esoteric individual who has done laughable things. This entire story is weird, involving a classy Johnson, singling out Thomas after remaining silent for years. No sympathy felt, ripping a so-call friend publicly for an incident that happened years ago.

Is this the same Magic we have grown to love? Or is this a deceptive Thomas, who miserably insulted close pals?

Whatever transpired we might never know the truth, and painfully Thomas is the scapegoat denying the accusations of Johnson’s sexual activities. Reportedly, he told SI.com he’s “blindsided” since Johnson aired his side of the story.

As there are normally two sides to a story, mostly everyone is taking sides with Magic, probably for his commitment to donate charity to the communities or likeness among peers for all he has brought to the game in back-and-forth rival showdowns against the Boston Celtics and Bird.

Whatever it might be, the masses aren’t holding a wicked grudge on Magic, but hold a fierce one against Thomas, dating back to the epic period when the two fought aggressively in the ’88 and ’89 NBA Finals.

Earlier this year, Thomas was hired to fill the head coaching vacancy at Florida International University, ready to move on and put the allegations behind. Being one of the most inspirational preachers for the game and a down-to-earth analyst, publicly ripping someone was least expected from a well-known and likable man in basketball.

Getting a slap on the hand is Magic, as Thomas takes most of the abuse for a troubling reputation.

In my perspective, they never were true buddies.


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