Written By Krishna Dhani
This year we have seen a numerous amount of amazing games and starts. But it comes down to two teams with the best stats. The Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints.
Overall I have seen the most progress within the Saints.

It was from being 7-9 in 2007 and 8-8 in 2008 and now with the best record of 7-0. But there is still much of the season to go. if they were to win the next game and lose the rest they will be the same as last year. Therefore we can not say much about them now.

The Colts have been very successful, last year with a great record of 12-5. They have been progressing in some ways such as their offense was not as good as last year rushing wise. But you also have to think they got Donald Brown now.

If this were to happen, who would most likely win the Super-Bowl?

In my opinion I would say the Colts due to the fact they have been doing good every year, it is normal fir them to be 8-0. But the Saints on the other hand you saw have had a huge gap. From 8-8 to 7-0 that is amazing.


The reason is, is that if you look at the way the Colts do things offensively they are very strong. Stronger than the Saints at some points. Some easy ways Peyton Manning makes the other team lose yards in there turn of offense is by making a penalty. At some points in the game quickly does the huddle and hikes the ball. At the point it starts a couple players are off sides. Which helps the Colts.

Also they have such good players such as Austin Collie, Regggie Wayne, Donald Brown, Peyton Manning. Those are just some people on the team that make a big difference. Though in the last game against the San Fransisco 49ers they were struggling but came back. It was a very close game 18-14. But the 49ers are very good as a team.

If you think about it the Saints have struggled most of there way out, to make there record 7-0. But at hard teams they have done well but now they seem to not be doing so good as almost every time they go to the game struggle in both ways.

But there is still more of the season to go.


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