Everyone is hyped up all over Bill Belichick making the fourth-down call in the Colts game (in which I attended). Boston fans have his back, as they always will. I understand your saying Bill Simmons, but right now, this is what I think:

Bill Belichick is a jerk.

Now I would've said something a whole lot worse, but as twelve-year-old blogger, I'll just keep that to myself.

During the game, Belichick was challenging on meaningless calls. It was just like when the Colts beat the Cheatriots in 2008, 18-15. Belichick made not one, but two challenges. I think he lost on both of them.
I know one of them included Twelve Men on the Field. And then there was John Madden saying what is the point of that. The Patriots need to win. But there is Bill, trying to be a smart-ass.

And people call him genius? Listen man, you are not. Going for it on Fourth-and-Two, you fail. If you punted, I don't think Peyton Manning would have made it. But here you are, thinking the Pats are the same team from 2007.

They're not.

And besides, we all know you cheated. To all of you Boston fans saying he didn't, it's just homerism. And like what 18to88.com says, it isn't homerism if it's true.

But that's not all what makes Belichick a jerk. This guy isn't even a team player. No sportsmanship at all. When the Pats lose, he starts being an ass in the press conference being all sad and then he develops his little crackily voice.

Seriously? What's the point of that?

But back with the sportsmanship deal. During the 2007-08 season Super Bowl, when the Giants won, here came Belichick just leaving the game. Didn't even shake hands with the coach. That's how much of an ass he was.

No sportsmanship whatsoever. And here was NY's Tom Coughlin looking for him to say a good game and all of that to be a good sport, but Bill was nowhere to be found.

Talk about some good sportsmanship.

And the Super Bowl they won this decade, they don't deserve. We all know the Pats taped the Rams' practices. But Commish Roger Goodell doesn't want to ruin the NFL with this scandal and doesn't want to lose some of it's fans with the Patriots as cheaters
And that's what makes Donovan McNabb a little pissed, too, saying the Eagles should've gotten those rings. McNabb deserves a ring, not Brady.

But Belichick whines in his head when the Pats lose. He's just a jerk, okay? Put it that way. I mean, this just has to be agreeable.

Quit whining Bill. You've been a jerk.

Fix the attitude.

Fix your image.

Be a team player.

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