With the World Series approaching a conclusion the world of Baseball Free Agency will begin.

No team in the league will need to be as active in pursuing Free Agents then the Mets.

With so many holes in our roster we will need to be smart with the money we have to spend, something that has eluded us in the past.

One of our main problems is our Starting Rotation, which after Johan Santana is shaky at best.

We now know that Mike Pelfrey is not capable of being a top end of the rotation pitcher, at least not yet. John Maine has a shoulder that can not be trusted and dont even get me started on Oliver Perez.

We also have Jon Niese waiting in the wings but I would not be confident with these five pitchers making out our Rotation.

John Maine is a non tender candidate but I think its a no brainer that we will give him a contract, whether we keep him or trade him.

If we can get rid of Oliver Perez we can use his salary to sign a top end pitcher. That still leaves room for another arm.

A guy that I would love to see the Mets sign is Chien Ming Wang. Wang a member of the Yankees is also a non tender candidate and it is believed he will be a free agent after suffering a terrible year.

While he might scare some people because of recent shoulder injury he has a huge amount of potential and can be signed for a small incentive based contract.

This is the guy that won 19 games two years in a row in the toughest division in baseball. Before this season his record over the last three years was 46-15.

He was a Cy young contender back to back years and with a move to the NL he will only be better. As a Sinker ball pitcher he is also a great fit for Citi Field.

I think that this can be one of those under the radar deals that can be looked back on as the best move of the year, the kind of deal the Mets never seem to make.


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