It’s kind of hard to tell where he’s coming from, hard to tell his next decision. When the stunning development unmasked, he broke down into tears, helpless and saddened of his sudden departure.

He alarmed us all with his announcement of periodic chest pains. He shocked us all by informing the world of frequent health problems. Lastly, the announcement was a stunning development when he told the Florida football program that he’d resign.

This meant Mr. Meyer would never return to a program he installed, standing as a symbol of greatness. In the meantime, Gators’ faithful aren’t scowling or scorning Urban Meyer of a bizarre story. It leaves us scratching our heads, searching for reasonable answers to why suddenly Mr. Meyer misled us the last three days.

Wasn’t he resigning to spend valuable time with his family and care for health? Wasn’t he ailing and couldn’t measure up to the stress level of coaching? At least a resignation was understandable and his intent, until he arrived to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for the Gators’ Sugar Bowl practice in Gainesville. The population at the Swamp emotionally had tears draining down their faces, along with immediate speculations on the next in line to coach an endearing program.

But there’s a clear understanding that Meyer hasn’t made up his mind. He pondered before an official resignation was declared. Maybe it’s difficult to aloof from the game he has mustered a tremendous passion for. Or maybe adjusting to a peculiar seen is tough. He’s accustomed to and relish mentoring players willing to mature into prospering men. He’s used to building a contiguous relationship with each of his players. Leaving all behind is burdensome to adapt to.

So suddenly, an emotionally departure of his coaching job was lightened into a leave of absence. Guess there won’t be any reason to search for a coach, or theorize if offensive coordinator, Steve Adazzio, steps into command. That means we don’t have to hear rumors and names of Bob Stoops or Dan Mullen. Of course, it would’ve been a good coaching campaign, but if there’s a sublime coach unsure of his status, looking for another coach is the least priority.

Isn’t Meyer coaxing the program enough, by informing us he plans on staying in Gainesville? Doesn’t his obligations to stay in contact and within the program tells you Meyer is aspiring for partial decision-making? From ailing and withstanding chest pains and an arachnoid cyst on his brain forced him to take a hiatus. At a point spending quality time with his family seemed more valuable, he stressed the importance of family values and faith.

And as a coach he had already accomplished a lifelong adventure, owning the highest coaching percentage in college football. He could leave the game and lift his head proudly, for leading Utah to an unbeaten season in which he built an eye-catching future in college football. Therefore, he grasped our attention and became a much-beloved coach in parts of Florida.

But we can’t ensure he’s leaving the game for good. You should be confused, of course, trying to put together pieces of this missing puzzle. For those in Gainesville, life is a riddle. Yes, Mr. Meyer has baffled us all. And ever since he returned the next day to inform us all that he expects to coach next season, believing Meyer is like believing Pinocchio. What’s difficult to grasp is why draw a huge distraction, by telling us about a resignation when Florida’s huge bowl game against Cincinnati is looming?

If it was the case, it could have waited until a day after the bowl game. Now, the Gators are likely to play with heavy hearts, worried of Meyer’s health status. The last thing a program wants to happen amid a substantial bowl game is questions to circulate, strictly on the health status of Meyer’s. When he spoke of his vital chest pains following the lost to Alabama in the SEC Championship game, he looked worn down, fatigued as if he was ready to call it a career. If so, then was the exact moment to depart. Either way, he would’ve left the game atop coaching at the collegiate level. But when winning is taking into consideration, the Gators are caught in a continuous riddle.

At 45, Meyer feared the mischief of mortality, valuing his life before reconsidering he’d rather salvage the coaching job. And Florida athletic director, Jeremy Foley, discerns the significance of health, but doesn’t feel he has to find a replacement if Meyer is in good condition to recruit a potent class and mentor kids, teaching the fundamentals of winning, so they can leave as a better individual.

That is, of course, before he told his wife, Shelley, and three children he was quitting for health problems and family. Not too sure if he stayed true to his word, when his wife believed he’d spent every second with his lovable family. His wife text a message to the Orlando Sentinel that said: “No chance… This is the best decision for him and us right now.”

Foley has a careless demeanor, insisting on Saturday for Meyer to take a leave of absence. It’s obvious he knows what Meyer brings to the program, diligence and charisma. But also it’s apparent he’s ignoring the health of a man, facing a tremendous amount of uncertainty.

Times next fall may seem a bit stressful without the likes of Tim Tebow, who’s a top name in April’s NFL Draft. Florida’s challenging schedule within a superb conference is when Meyer should absorb pressure, in which we’ll actually find out if he still does well in controlling the program.

But until then, his status remains a crazy riddle.


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