So what has emerged into everyone's business, Tiger Woods' private life is gone. Yes, the public has finally figured out a way to enter into his privacy.

From what we've learned, we seem to speculate Woods was chased out of his spacious home by a golf club inside his gated community. We seem to guess, his old lady was pissed off over an alleged affair, and the only solution for Tiger to avoid his crazy wife was jumping into his Cadillac.

His plans weren't to back out of his driveway and drive to the nearest golf course avoiding a large crowd, nor taking a joyride. Either way, it's not our damn business. The only issue concerning us is Tiger's health, but not a mystic relationship with his wife, Elin.

Personally, I couldn't care less what happens between him and his wife. This information wouldn't had linked out, if he hadn't suffered lacerations to his lips for striking a fire hydrant and neighbor's tree.

So suddenly, a private incident inside his gated community isn't held a secret. And suddenly, Woods isn't the spotless specimen. I can recall when the media never had much access to his privacy.

What happens behind close doors usually stays within Tiger, but all the hoopla turned into an absurd frenzy. Because he's the world's greatest golfer, if not the world's greatest athletes, the public expects an explanation on what happened.

I don't care, you shouldn't either.

There's no law in existence, enforcing Woods to give us information. As Tiger minds his own business, he expects the same from fans. For more than 12 years, spectators admires Woods strengthening ego and respectability.

Today, he's labeled as the greatest and endearing role model in sports. In endorsements alone, he earns a staggering $100 million a year as the average citizen purchases his brand name Gatorade, golf clubs and Nike apparel.

When the accident happened at 2:25 a.m., it wasn't reported as a serious incident or alcohol-related. As the days progress, no domestic violence charges were filed, meaning there's nothing else to see or discuss.

Four days later, everyone is still dwelling on Woods. Removed from domestic violence presumptions, now average populace believes he had an affair. Even if there's a mistress involved in the picture, I couldn't care less.

It's not surprising when athletes in prior years had affairs. That's life. And as we continue living, bizarre and freaky things will happen within relationships. In other words Tiger isn't the first and won't be the last.

For the first time ever, Tiger is staring at an unfamiliar scene. Instead of earning praise for accomplishments, he's being ridiculed by the media. In fact, he's evoking more spotlight than he normally attracts on the golf course. Because paparazzi is embarrassing athletes or celebs in general, Tiger is a victim of TMZ trauma.

Unlike most athletes Woods hasn't mishandled the situation in an impolite fashion, but managed a lingering predicament in a classy fashion. Even though his vague statements could be untruthful, he speaks with aplomb and tremendous respect.

In the last 24 hours rumors surfaced of infidelity, in which an argument is reasonable amid an overblown discussion. All that's heard is tabloids releasing new information regarding Woods accident. Seems like the entire incident was plotted, for inside access on Tiger's alleged affairs.

Gosh, Tiger is busted.

Why we care? That's his issue, not ours.

Woods is having a difficult week, handling all the scrutiny. He's not used to a curious crowd, pondering to know what happens off the golf course. His personal issues stays within himself, but notice if he dismisses to answer questions, speculations of Thanksgiving weekend could last months.


Although Woods can remain silent, the Florida Highway Patrol is seeking a search warrant for hospital records to confirm what could've provoked Woods' injuries. None of us are concern with the cuts and blood. But populace are anxious to know why he departed his home early on Friday morning.

I know, none of your damn business.

The latest news to strike the Internet and tabloids is TMZ posting an overwhelming 14 accidents, including a photo of an alleged affair with a mistress. Whether it's true or not, Tiger's personal life is trivial and shouldn't be in the news.

Maybe he'll protect credibility and popularity, if he provides specifics. But I don't care.

Please leave it alone. You shouldn't care at all. It's not your business. It's Tiger's personal issue that should stay behind close doors.


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