He’s known as the world’s greatest golfer, the world’s greatest athlete, the world’s greatest role model. For almost a week now, we’ve heard image is everything, we’ve heard continuous controversy of Tiger Woods. But he was created man, even though he’s a specimen with gifted abilities to dominate golf like no other golfer on this planet.

I cannot emphasize it enough, Tiger is human. When a megastar is embraced for playing such a huge role in the life of children or considered a noble icon, he is believed to be a spotless individual.

Everyone wanted to believe Tiger Woods was a faultless athlete beyond transgression. Well, he’s not the Woods that masses are familiar with on the greenery in annual PGA Tours, where he has achieved immense accolades and fitted for numerous green jackets at the Masters. More than 12 years, Woods has excelled at a premium, but abnormal revelations are now threatening his legacy and image.

It’s a shame he failed to engage marital vows. It’s a shame he had an affair that lasted over 2 ½ years, with a cocktail waitress, Jaimee Grubbs at a Los Angeles night club. It’s a shame more than 300 text messages between him and his mistress have been sent back and forth. It’s a shame he had an infraction for crashing into a fire hydrant and neighbor’s tree. It’s a shame the Florida Highway Patrol cited the greatest athlete for a $164 fine.

That’s enough to disappoint us all. He’s the biggest disgrace and headline in the media, caught in a love connection. After the accident where he suffered lacerations to his lips and blood in his mouth, Tiger was exposed to an uncommon scene. For once in his lifetime, the public invaded his privacy seeking answers and explanations.

None of his personal issues are our business, but suddenly it has became our business emerging a massive scene as media outlets channeled deeper to uncover the specifics on why his accident happened at 2:25 a.m. Friday morning. Ever since, speculations were assumed as an alleged affair, after wrecking his Cadillac reportedly was non-alcohol-related.

Guess it was practical speculating Tiger pissed off his old lady in a dispute relating to an alleged affair. Guess he was chased out of the house by his wife, Elin, who reportedly had a golf club and shattered the window.

Tiger has to perform and add to a total of 14 major victories. Although he’s known as a candid and credible athlete, Tiger wasn’t compelled to release personal information. Minus his knowledge of bizarre events, he can redeem and heel a misleading image if he appears in major events, where he normally performs well, dominates and wins.

If Woods regret transgressions of a martial affair and intends removing any tension and embarrassment, he shouldn’t had withdrawn at his own invitational tournament and appeared. But it’s clear he’s refusing to encounter media outlets for his own welfare of avoiding endless questions regarding the latest revelations. His privacy is imperative, of which he withdrew as curiosity subsides. Whether Tiger is ashamed to speak publicly or stays confidential with isolated troubles, his legacy and image survives reprehensible havoc.

Most sports figures are exposed to menacing lifestyles. In an age when careless women have a fetish for married men, athletic figures tend to suffer entrapment and later regret turning down sexy women whom strictly manipulates rich superstars into a psycho affair. Over the years, we’ve seen rich athlete’s images plunge as popularity and credibility impaired.

Not long ago, Kobe Bryant, a NBA megastar who reestablished popularity for epic performances, was accused on sexual assault charges in Colorado but eventually rape charges was dismissed. There was Alex Rodriguez, a definite cheater who confessed he used steroids, but he also had a romantic affair with Madonna. To refresh memories, Roger Clemens was more than longtime friends with country singer Mindy McCready, when she confirmed to us about their alleged affair.

This happens every day, of course, it’s a frequent episode in the sporting business. Don’t forget it even materialized inside the White House, shocking our minds when our former president Bill Clinton last century allegedly had an immoral affair.

In this age where infidelity is heard of periodically, Tiger’s name surfacing as a cheater isn’t surprising. He was disloyal in family values and as treacherous as it seems, it has no comparisons within his performance level. In fact, he’s still the icon we’ve grown to love and remains the greatest figure admired.

His endorsements alone are a remedy as he tries eluding scrutiny. His classiness and humbleness highlights his maturity, addressing the matter on his web site and avoided further trouble by not saying much publicly and his historic milestones are engaging. No matter what, spectators idolizes and favors Tiger, intrigued with his gifted abilities to captivate us with his dominance in a complex sport.

It is paramount Tiger strikes again and soon. Although Tiger had an immoral background and disappointed us, hurt us and deceived us, it’s an apparent message that he’s not perfect. Living in a forgiving country, Tiger is dismissed. U.S. Weekly, a well-known tabloid, reporting Grubbs claimed Tiger and her had sex at least 20 times, eventually will perish when he returns to the golf course and excites us.

Money is the root of all evil, if the mistresses sold her story to the U.S. Weekly for an estimate of $100,000. That happens when a famous athlete leaves himself exposed to women, especially Tiger, who earns an estimate of $100 million in endorsements annually. A devastating blow is the fact he has donated $30 million to communities and interacted with children throughout his foundation.

As for the game, it survives base on Tiger’s presence, in which it has for many years. During his eight month intermission when he was rehabilitating from reconstructed knee surgery, golf was very seldom acknowledged. Once he returned, spectators were anxious watching the game as television ratings skyrocketed. Woods transformed the culture of golf entirely, though he failed winning a major to inch closer to Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 PGA major championships.

Besides historic accomplishments, Woods is pressured to tell us his privacy more than surpassing a miraculous milestone. Notice he has acted as a mature man, protecting his image and one’s privacy. Notice he doesn’t owe us an explanation. He never broke the law, but he broke vows, which is more erroneous than tossing his iron stick or swearing whenever frustrated for shooting bogeys.

His business wasn’t the public's business, meaning Woods had every right to handle the situation silently. For nearly a week, he has handled the situation with aplomb and maturity, accepting wrongdoing and apologized. But now, he has apologized enough, and needs to get back on the golf course and dominate at will.

He needs to preserve championships to shatter Nicklaus' all-time record. He needs to prove he’s a noble athlete, and continue to be a positive influence to humankind. Saved also by his sponsorships Gillette, Gatorade, Nike and EA Sports, is an example of forgiveness.

Not spotless as before, he still is the world’s greatest golfer. Now all he must do is have a breathtaking performance and win. Any athlete can protect his reputation, if they perform well. Seems Tiger is next.

Rather than talking to the world, he needs to go for a hole in one.


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