Why is the richest franchise in the NFL so mindless, if the intent is to win a Super Bowl in the near future? Logic is, Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones is too loyal when he needs to renovate the motionless coaching staff. Yet, I’ve tried figuring out the egomaniacal weasel for the last few years.

I’ve tried guessing the initiative plans of a classy owner focused on ego and primadonnas rather than bringing in a charismatic and engaging coach to brighten the moods within a team without felicitous direction. Ever since building the world’s largest venue, a creation that cost $1.3 billion and consists of a high-def screen low enough to interfere with booted punts, he has aimed the attention on selling out a capacity crowd and producing profit.

But the world’s greatest creation is irrelevant with the Cowboys' failures. And still, the most scrutinized organization is advertised as America’s team even though their last Super Bowl victory was 14 years ago. Much of the proclivity is awful for an enigmatic businessman, willing to follow the similar routine by holding on to a low-key, soft coach.

It spells trouble and could backfire on Jones, who elaborated he was hungry to win a title. But if he retained a dull Wade Phillips, clearly the last thing on Jones mind is a Super Bowl championship, otherwise he wouldn’t be drifting backwards. Keeping the weak-minded coach is like keeping a gallon of old milk in the refrigerator, but in this example, keeping Phillips is like keeping a lousy record-player. So when the owner/general manager determined his fate, Jones made the worst mistake and will regret issuing paychecks to a numskulled coach.

Reports confirmed that he’ll bring back Phillips as coach for the 2010 season. What in the hell is he thinking? Doesn’t he understand the no-good wannabe doesn’t have the personality to discipline or enlighten a winning franchise? He isn’t an ideal suit for propelling the world’s greatest franchise, the world’s famous franchise and the world’s admirable franchise. The former boss gained popularity and built a dynamic team, assembling useful ingredients worthy of making a strong case for the Super Bowl.

He was fortune to possess an architect and Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells, but fled and had problems working for an egomaniac and scrutinized market. Or else the old boss wouldn’t have a coaching dilemma, the Cowboys may have even advanced and a quantity of issues would’ve been addressed. It’s utterly amazing and ridiculous Jones is sticking with a mediocre coach whom he can control.

That’s a problem any time an owner is comfortable maintaining the leverage. And if he was to hire an intellectual coach with experienced, like a Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan or a Jim Fassel, he’d have to give up personnel decisions and allow the results to come from the sidelines. He’ll have to allow someone with experience to bring in a satisfying staff, and maybe even a sterling quarterback they could cultivate.

These days, Phillips is frustrated and unsatisfied with all the failures in the postseason. Good thing is, the Cowboys recovered and managed to avoid December doom. Bad thing is, they collapsed when it counted. If you think Phillips is satisfied with the postseason relapses, think again.

“Our goal was to win it all, and if not, then that’s not a success,” he said softly. “It’s like the elevator is falling from the top. It’s tough when it’s over. If you don’t win it all, you have not reached your goal."

I hope Jones heard Phillips speak. If so, the goal is to win a Super Bowl, which means he needs to make a coaching change. If planning to avoid all the miserable collapses, Jones may want to call Cowher or Fassel. It’s too bad he missed out on a pair of top-of-the-line names. After all, he was better off landing Shanahan, who signed with the lousy Washington Redskins, which could be hurtful being arch-rivals. Jones has insisted that he has had too many coaches, since Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith impacted a high-powered offense dating back to the mid/late ‘90’s.

If he was to find a new coach, it would make sense to believe Jason Garrett wouldn’t return as offensive coordinator who has been criticized for his absurd play-calling. He doesn’t have a genuine notion on how his organization deteriorated, simply for the faulty managing. During a dismantling period, the Cowboys need tweaks in the coaching staff, a weakness that has delayed the rebirth of a venerable era. The Cowboys aren’t a team of amateurs, and there’s no question the talent exists. Let’s realize all the attributes are insubstantial, unless Jones starts phoning the next coach to mend unattractive postseason misadventures.

In the meantime, Wade Phillips continues to embarrass himself. Unlike his father, Bum, he’s not NFL coaching material. Go check out the track record, where you’ll notice a 1-2 record in the playoffs. Backtrack to the days he was the Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator. He failed to win, and finally, owner Ralph Wilson and general manager Russ Brandon said good-riddance.

But where there’s a loyal owner with ego, he keeps Phillips.

Why, Jones?


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