3rd and 5. Peyton Manning looks to bring a comeback for the Colts, who are down 24-17. Manning drops back, throws a quick one to Reggie Wayne and it’s—NO!—it’s intercepted…IT’S INTERCEPTED! TRACY PORTER TAKES THE BALL! He’s running back, only Peyton can stop him, gets blocked. Porter is gonna take this all the way! TOUCHDOWN, SAINTS! 31-17, this looks to be over! Tracy Porter, one hella of a guy you are!

Two Weeks Earlier

Brett Favre looking to go to the Super Bowl since over a twelve years now! In field goal range, Favre looks to bring the ball up more right for a game-winning field goal. Favre drops back, runs to right and throws…it’s picked off! PICKED OFF BY TRACY PORTER! He ends the hopes of a fourth-quarter win for Minnesota. Saints can win this……[Overtime] Garrett Hartley for a 40-yarder. And it’s in! The Saints are going to the Super Bowl! Bourbon Street is going crazy! Saints going to their first ever Super Bowl! They’re gonna face the Colts! Saints win, Saints win! WHO DAT!

Tracy Porter. One little-known IU Hoosier, gets drafted by the Saints in the second round. 2008 season? Wasn’t much. This season changed it all. If it weren’t for this guy, heck, New Orleans wouldn’t even be in the Super Bowl….

Porter began playing at Port Allen High in Port Allen, mmm Louisiana. He was a playmaker, doing such positions as quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and cornerback. He played fantastic in his Senior Year, with 93 tackles and eleven interceptions. He went on to go to Indiana University, to play for the Hoosiers football team.

Porter didn’t disappoint there. He was the Hoosiers’ main guy at corner. His Senior year was the best, putting up 83 tackles and six interceptions, having the honors on the Big Ten Conference First-Team. Porter ended his career with IU with 211 tackles and 16 interceptions. The interceptions was placed second in team-history. Along in the Senior year, the Hoosiers went to the Insight Bowl, but losing in a heartbreaker to Oklahoma State.

After a good career at IU, Porter declared for the NFL Draft…

April 26, 2008

With the 40th pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints select…Tracy Porter, cornerback, Indiana University….

Porter did well at the Combine to make it to the second round. Porter ran a 4.37 in the 40-yard-dash, which is impressive, being the tenth-fastest there. Porter looked to show off his skills on the field now. But, 2008 wasn’t the year. His rookie season was not much, having 25 tackles, one interception, and a sack.

2009 will be totally different.

The Saints went on to become 13-0, later going on a three-game losing-streak to end the season. At 13-3, nobody expected them to do much in the playoffs. Porter recorded 57 tackles, two forced fumbles, and four interceptions. Also, in the 46-34 victory over the Dolphins, Porter picked off a pass that would go for a 54-yard-touchdown. That season really made up for the rookie year, in my opinion.

Entering the playoffs, the Saints captured victory over the Cardinals, 45-14. Porter wasn’t a big playmaker in that game, only recording five tackles—nothing else. Following the next game in the NFC Championship, Brett Favre was trying to lead the Vikings to victory with minutes to go in the game. Favre led them down to what would be a 50-yard field-goal. He had to get them closer to ensure a made kick. With a broken ankle, Favre was being chased and ran to the right. He threw a crazy pass which was intercepted by Porter. Porter returned it to where the Saints could end it. They didn’t. Overtime. But it was no problem. They marched down the field after winning the coin toss, letting Garrett Hartley win the game for them. This win was sweet on Bourbon Street. Porter had eight tackles in this game, along with that interception. If Porter didn’t make that pick, who knows what would’ve happened? The pass most probably would have been incomplete. What if that field goal was made? See?

In the Super Bowl, the Saints made a touchdown off a Jeremy Shockey catch. It was Manning time. Could Manning tie the game? They were marching down the field. They were now up at the 30-yard-line, 3rd and 5. Manning was hooking up nicely with Reggie Wayne. This play was costly for the Colts. Manning looked at Reggie the whole time and threw a quick pass to him. Wayne didn’t see it coming. Only Porter did, who returned it 74 yards for a touchdown. It was all over from there. 31-17, Saints. If Porter didn’t do that there, who knows? Colts may have easily tied the game, made a comeback, and win.

Saints fans need to be very fortunate for Porter. Nobody will probably ever know of Porter’s heroics. I did. Tracy Porter was a hero for the Saints. The true one. He let the Saints go the Super Bowl. He stopped Brett Favre, he stopped Peyton Manning.

For those of you who don’t know Tracy Porter.

It’s time to know him now….


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