If there was one noticeable thing about the British Columbia, it was Lindsey Vonn aptly renaming the site of the competition Vonncouver.

We’ve been welcomed to witness the Golden Girl, relight romance at the Winter Games after battling adversity and hapless memories during the course of her Olympic career.

But now, she embraces the delight of becoming the greatest U.S. women skier of all-time.

From a bad back, bloody mouth to bruised shin, Vonn has nursed injuries throughout the world’s greatest games. After of all the negatives and misfortune, she rebounded at the 2010 Winter Games, posing a bigger threat in the downhill competition than her appealing photos in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Any sporting tale is bittersweet, but whenever it contains a female skier who is compared to Michael Phelps, everyone stops to listen. More than just sexuality or beauty features, Vonn is a gold medalist.

With the exception of weather delays, to her advantage, she was given a few days to heal a troubled shin that almost forced her to miss the games.

Though she was doubted and perceived as a drama queen, Vonn silenced critics who believed she was overhyped.

On Wednesday, she prevailed and won a gold medal for the States, appeasing our patriotic nation with an appealing victory in the Olympic women’s downhill.

After an exhilarating run downhill, she shared the overjoyed moment with relatives and friends, proud to erase all the horrific scares, bumps, and bruises in the Turin Games.

When she competed four years ago, her maiden name was Lindsey Kildow.

Back then she had a scary fall resulting in what appeared to be a serious injury. She had to be airlifted out of the snow.

Amazingly, she suffered no serious setbacks.

Two days later, she was back skiing and finished eighth in the Olympic downhill.

So it should really be no surprise that she overcame a shaky shin injury to win a Gold two nights ago. Her ability to withstand pain and overcome such hurdles should be far more impressive than her Gold Medal. It is now a strong possibility that she could win two more medals in over the next few days.

She’s on pace to conquer an astounding ride, proving she might simply be the best, an unreal athlete prevailing in the world’s most prestigious games. She finished merely in 1 minute, 44.19 seconds, defeating teammate Julia Mancuso.

So does that mean she’s the Golden Girl?

Absolutely! Minus the upcoming events, she was the most-watched American star, the blossoming star everyone anticipates to take the most gold medals. Quite interestingly, she’s the Phelps of Winter.

In these games, the shin she injured while preparing in Austria last month, hasn’t affected her performance. She spent ample time getting therapy, and lucked out due to the postponement of awful weather.

Four training runs were cancelled, and the downhill run was pushed back to a later date, giving her plenty of time to heal and recover in time.

However, Vonn balanced herself and rose without any trouble to win huge for the U.S., captivating spectators in the games with her incredible influence all over our country. She is the figure admired around the world anchoring all American skiers, along with her positive attitude to inspire kids of the next generation.

Either way, she’s the Golden Girl.


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