Of all the sporting events taking place in the Winter Games, none are greater and more exhilarating than Team Canada.

In an atmosphere where hockey hails and is predominately recognized within a culture that created an interesting sport on ice, there’s nothing more content than witnessing Team Canada potentially win a gold medal on its home soil. The true Canadians originated a game that has extended to higher level, played globally and admired from all parts of the world.

Such as Team USA, a cohesive team believing they could stun Canada on its home surface, on a platform truly pulling for the Canadians to sustain incremental triumph. In a nation where fans appear as hungry as the athletes, a savior and a true Canadian generates regards akin to a probable mission of Team USA. Their world-class athlete happens to be Sidney Crosby, the famous NHL star. Those following the National Hockey League are familiar with his inexplicable athleticism, contributing to the Pittsburgh Penguins' Stanley Cup title last year.

But on this occasion, he has a chance to guide his home country to an Olympic gold medal, standing as the premier Olympian in the country where Wayne Gretzky created a stellar legacy, where the Maple-leaf flags are waved proudly, and where the national anthem is famous around the world. What is considered the most enthralling Olympic event in decades, the masses turned it into the most-watched sporting activity, thrilled to witness proud reverence.

If Canada advances to the gold-medal rounds, millions living in the British Columbia or any parts of the country will hope they could attain the superior prize at home.

Over the years, Canada managed merely a lone gold medal in 58 years and are now seeking to improve and toss a hapless drought behind them. The country is pulling for the admirable Crosby, the 22-year-old hockey sensation, and depends on him to produce at the highest level. There’s an understanding that his grace and poise in representing his native country is an advantage. He’s a wonderful specimen, a difficult breed to find in a complex sport that requires mastery.

At such a young age, he has met an agenda by winning a title and received awards. It seems he’s more than Sid the Kid, a keen superstar with optimism and finesse. He’s the exalted icon the populace has waited to witness and hopefully invoke a glorious moment.

Mens Hockey - Vancouver 2010
The magnitude of Canada hockey signifies much about a culture that treasures all angles of the sport, in which inheriting a medal only symbolizes humor and personality. Crosby is ranked in the column of Gretzky and Mario Lemieux by replicating similar styles. Where he has ensured a career in the states, his presence is acute for rejuvenating a defaced sport.

As we know in the States, hockey is uninteresting and unpopular to those inclined to football and basketball or even an impaired game called baseball. It’s entirely a beloved game in Canada, and starting off with a 8-0 shutout win over Norway on Tuesday is a sign of hope, inching closer to the gold-medal rounds.

Unlike most young stars, he’s willing to accept a challenge, a task testing wills and the state of mind. He’s definitely a team leader and an inspirational leader, looking to bring back long-awaited delight. In front of a delirious Canadian crowd, Crosby generated cheers as one of the noble icons. From all parts of the world, he’s idolized for the spectacular performances forcing spectators to drop their jaws and shut their eyes in disbelief.

Ice Hockey - Day 5 - Canada v Norway
It seems he’s one gifted star, appreciated by many after returning home pursuing prestige and to win Olympic gold. It seems fans and coaching staff vowed without even hesitating that he’s the “face of Canadian hockey.” During his prime and years served in the NHL, Steve Yzerman, the executive director, knows a great and prosperous star when he stares at one, referring to him as the face of Team Canada.

I couldn’t agree with Yzerman more. No one is awry describing Crosby as the greatest hockey player to compete on the Canadian team, or even wrong when acknowledging him as the face of the Vancouver Games. Ever since he was drafted at No. 1 by the Penguins, he ignited a large fan base at the Igloo in downtown Pittsburgh and drove the team to a championship win. There’s a potential dynasty abounding in the NHL, but in the Winter Games, a possible moment is looming for Team Canada.

After watching an unflappable and tough-driven Crosby dominate in his Olympic debut, he routinely stuck with his regular style, setting up goals to pulverize Norway. With his vision to locate his surroundings and teammates, Crosby saw Jarmone Iginla in the slot and fired it directly to him as he slapped it into the net for a goal. Following his assist, he amassed another one when he and Rick Nash designed a perfect shot as Iginla scored. No wonder why he excelled in his early years, mastering a Stanley Cup, an MVP trophy, and an NHL scoring title.

It’s good to know the Canadians are favorites to conquer greatness at the Winter Games. Thrilled to have top-notch goalies with much respect is every team’s wish. But as it seems, Team Canada commands top regards in the goalie department, having Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo, two NHL stars who are really popular in their native country.

The fans waved Canada flags, embracing what is a wondrous moment in sports. Among competition, Canada, Sweden, and Russia are the deepest teams built to cause destruction, but the Canadians are fortunate to have Crosby. After all, he’s the best hockey star on the planet. And there are no second thoughts, realizing he might be a savior if Canada pulls off the unthinkable.

It’s the biggest tournament in years and decades, along with a Canadian team in which some calls the finest in a long time, coached by the master of coaching Mike Babcock, who’s deeply honored. For now, the Miracle on Ice theme is irrelevant. Thirty years ago, Team USA shocked the Winter Games and people across the world, but even if America is boundless, they are overshadowed by Crosby and Canada.

Think of it as a Canadian sport.


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