The title says it all. As you can see to your right, it's not Kevin Durant that is unstoppable. It's Martell Webster. That's right, I said it. Why would I put such a picture? I don't know.

Now if you fell for such stupid of a joke, I feel much sadness for you. Indeed, it is Kevin Durant that is unstoppable. Of course it would be. How would it not?

Now in Henry Abbott's True Hoop post, he wrote something interesting. Who put up these numbers in the month of January:

There's an NBA player who had these per game stats in the month of January:

32 points
Eight rebounds
Three assists
52% field goal shooting
53% 3-point field goal shooting
90% free-throw percentage
It was Kevin Durant. Phenomenal. And for the season, it's currently 29.7 PPG, 7.4 RPG, and 2.9 APG. Durant also has a crazy 25.36 PER! The league average is 15.00. His true shootingo percentage is 60.6%. It's just unnormal. And to think this is his third year in the league!

Last season, Durant had a total of a little over 1,800 points. Right now, he already has 1,500 points. Time to put the "Wow" expression up. His effective field goal percentage is 52.1%. Great, just great. For all the games Durant has played (per 48 minutes), Durant has a record of 31-17 with the Thunder. 31 wins, 17 losses. Effective. Adding to that, his net points are +219! If you think Vince Carter is killing it right now, look at Durant!

Durant is now over the league average in the And1-percentage. And1% means how many times you have scored at the basket along with drawing a foul. The league average as of right now is 2.9%. Durant has 3.5%.

Along to And1, he also has a Draw fouling percentage of 16.4%. And thinking though with the other great contributors to the team like Jeff Green or Russell Westbrook, the Thunder can be alright without Durant sometimes. Totally wrong, my friends. Go to this link, scroll all the way done. Look at the On/Off Court chart. There's a dramatic difference. Kevin Durant is needed. He is so important to this team.

Currently, Kevin Durant is unstoppable. Although I do love LeBron James, Durantula needs the MVP award badly. I mean it right here. A deserving candidate my friends. He has changed the franchise of the Thunder/Sonics since he came here. And now here he is, in his third year, leading the team to the playoffs.

A bright future is ahead of him.


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