As a nation, we witnessed a potential miracle in the making of a phenomenal championship for a country that isn’t groomed or cultivated in a strong upbringing of accomplishing triumph in an enigmatic sport. Thirty years ago, Team USA pulled off the unforeseen by conquering the spotlight and reverence in a foreign sport, which originated and formed its true identity in Canada.

However, times are different in terms of how sports are introduced, mastered and studied across the world. In contrast, stunning the Winter Games to be called a “Miracle on Ice,” the U.S. is more than a miracle after fabricating a notion that sports are played globally and taught all over the world in an age when sports touches our hearts and uplifts character. Realizing no team is intimidated or afraid of smothering a country’s heritage or cultural backgrounds, a true Canadian rationalized that Team USA isn’t underdogs, miracle makers, or even challenging the odds.

Finally, breaking through as a cohesive team, the Americans believe the improbable is possible if they continue to excel and perform on the ice. Pride is moving throughout the nation, proud of the long-awaited sequel following a breathtaking surprise and shocked the somber crowd in the stands at the Canadian Hockey Place. Welcome to the Vancouver Games, a winter activity that won’t be remembered for too many gratifying moments.

Instead, unless mentioning, Canada was anxious to share their cultural concepts with a captivating Canadian team, led by Sidney Crosby, the magnificent NHL star, who rose to the occasion at the Winter Games. By virtue, he was a talented superstar and emerged as the symbol of the Canadians reaching a pinnacle unlike any other. Our athletes are obligated to expose good humor, by discarding stigma and transcending beyond the neighbors north of the border.

That being said, Team USA is lethal and could potentially win a gold medal. And it’s nice to know a brilliant hockey story is suddenly being written, upsetting a bitter crowd, which inspired their likings within the homeland. For the angry Canadians who were bitter of an upsetting defeat, serenaded “(Beep) USA!” (Beep) USA!” That came immediately following a sensational victory, stunning the convincing population in Vancouver.

And that came immediately after a Sunday night 5-3 win, demoralizing a country’s creation, a sport in which they brilliantly maintained leverage. But in reality, hockey is viewed as a global sport. Several nations are starting to match Canada’s intensity and physicality, including countries like Sweden or Russia. All children from varieties of ethic backgrounds are pursuing an unpopular sport in the States.

The beginning of a conquest is within conversations, another deed to summarize the tremendous success the U.S. has had obtaining medals. This isn’t a fluke, but instead we’re in for what could be a nifty finish amid a real quest to gold. With the quarterfinals Wednesday, the hockey fanatics are glaring at Ryan Miller, the high-profile NHL superstar.

Having a consistent and flexible goalie is pivotal, in which he’s a stud with robot essentials stopping almost every puck flying to the net. He has been sterling, performing as if he’s accustomed to representing his native country in his first Olympic games. Forty-five seconds remained when cheers erupted in the stands, excited over return to precedence and rendered their craziness in a satisfying celebration since Miracle on Ice.

They exemplified the state of the sport. They rendered the most star power, and tenacity as a team. They beat, arguably, the outstanding and favorable team competing for the noble prize. It’s uncommon to see the Americans overtake the Canadians among a game most are savvy and poised. It’s not everyday the U.S. stuns the nation with a miracle. Trust me, it seems like it’s more than a miracle. There’s a team more proficient and solid for its depth of self-confident and talented Olympians. Team USA was belittled for its lackluster performances, doubted for its failures and unfavorable for its insufficient aptitude.

On this particular night, Team Canada’s Martin Brodeur, who is the greatest goalie in the game, was outrivaled by Miller of the United States. For much of the tournament, Miller has made credible saves stopping 45 shots. He’s an inspiration to Team USA, an authentic athlete forcing teammates to stay calm and his presence is an essential feature as goalie. Hardly, were the Americans a simple task, but in fact, the toughest rival for Canada. Most think the U.S. would face off against either Russia or Sweden evidence telling us Team USA isn’t as inferior. This time, there’s a feverish feel as America citizens are delirious and believe our hockey team can pull it off.

Hockey is one sport where it’s tricky to pick a winner. But this is the time we can admit the Americans appear the best. Around the world competition is fierce and has expanded, and other teams besides Canada is dominating hockey. During Wayne Gretzky’s reign, of course, he was the Great One and the most popular hockey star as the Canadians glanced at glory, even if their team were fallen stars rather than uplifting stars.

The U.S. briefly unhinged the souls of Canada with a crisis that crippled prominence, while the States found global form by upsetting the Canadians in the World Cup, in 1996. For revenge, you might say, they were granted redemption when Canada won its first gold medal in 50 years at the Olympic finals in Salt Lake City.

Seems this time for the U.S. to seize control of the rivalry.

Seems the U.S. is more than a miracle tale.


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