They weren’t expected to make such a convincing scene in which the sudden arrival is faster than usual, almost spontaneously, as the youngest team in the NBA awes basketball lords. In regards, the unexpected is composing a brilliant summary in Oklahoma City, but no one is anointing the raw talent fabricating the innovation of an undermined franchise a year ago.

Any notion that the Oklahoma City Thunder are the flukiest and overrated franchise in the league, is difficult to accept when its young athletes provokes the odds of common reasoning.

These days, youth comes to life and intensifies a ravishing upstart, strengthening a stagnant franchise. Any team with less respect can defy the laws of legitimacy, but has to prove top-notch with a win over the ultimate contenders. Here we glance at the NBA’s leading scorer, Kevin Durant, a dominant forward who deserves props for the unthinkable and vibrant responses he delivers nightly.

The masses in Oklahoma City are content, having its own franchise to cheer, but even more so, thrilled to view breathtaking highlights on a regular. Though tremendous pressure improvises a cynical perception of being a one-and-done playoff team, converging for regards awaits massively.

For now, it’s a team with little experience and no playoff success, but suddenly, a makeover upgraded a depleted franchise two years ago. The results are evidence of a marquee superstar ripen before our very eyes, becoming a sheer centerpiece, not only for a maturing franchise, but a league that pries on an influx of big-name athletes to arouse the state of an unsettled league.

In an 82-game regular-season, gushing about the Thunder advancing to the playoffs isn’t an understatement, but a clear understanding how lethal this team could be in the next few years.

Seeing new players surge is what makes the NBA unique. It’s fun seeing a discredited player mature and lead all scorers. It would be amiable at least to applaud a young team that has proved themselves for their maturity and assurance, though the calendar doesn’t read May or June when the competitiveness transcends and becomes more intense.

Until then, we can’t tell whether the Thunder are good or great, but are appreciative of their potential in the upcoming seasons. Observers, as well as those residing in Oklahoma, noticed the intensity and dramatic sequences that transpires. Most will tell you, it’s a team to gaze at in the future, a team with a sense of urgency, a team with tremendous depth and a team built to threaten in the playoffs.

So this is a massive chance for the Thunder to make noise in the next few weeks, brainwashing disbelievers of their intangible effort. To overlook the over-sized and cohesive roster are signs of underestimating Oklahoma City, an exquisite franchise assembled with coveted youth and talent to impact its standings.

Hardly do we pinpoint the marvel of a young phenom, but instead our instincts turn completely to the long-time veterans that we've became accustomed to, mainly for arousing our senses. It’s not fair whatsoever to Durant, who has been ignored, despite owning command in the scoring column and topping MVP nominees. When LeBron James made a name for himself, we worshipped and endorsed the remarkable entertainment he had produced. Why not the same for Durant? Is it because he’s not as popular?

Well, now is the time to grant fame to one of the spotless athletes of the league. I’m sure you are raising your eyebrows, dropping your jaws, seeing Durant average nearly 25 points per game. But instead, you prefer to remain hidebound, speechless admitting that he’s a scoring machine.

Winners of 12 of their last 14 games, the Thunder are 36-23 in a stretch when Durant has scorched the nets. You’ve seen him drain bucket after bucket. You’ve seen him shoot lights out. You’ve seen a talented sharpshooter bring excellence in each outing. No one envisioned Durant ever scoring 39 points in a single game this season, let alone average at least 25 points in 33 games.

Where is the love? Come on, share the wealth.

Point is, he’s really good. His optimism compels him to climb a competitive hurdle and prove he’s among the elites in the league where image and first impressions signifies prominence. In order to seize respectability, he has to keep thriving, win playoff series, multiple titles and lead the Thunder to exceptional heights.

For starters, the All-Star forward has posted at least 30 points in the last six meetings against Denver. The numbers make it easy to realize that he’s a special talent, and also the soul of why people are touched by sports.

But somehow, we tend to forget about the resurgent of the Thunder and Durant’s impact on the NBA. One of the slogans reads that the NBA Cares, but apparently no one is excited to hear the emergence of Durant. Buzz is one thing, but people aren’t buzzing over what is a breakout season for one special player. Being a young superstar, Durant has to prove he’s elite in the playoffs.

Often brainwashed with Kobe Bryant’s buzzer-beaters, Boston’s lackluster run, Phoenix’s sudden sun rise or Denver posing a threat in the Western Conference, Durant facilitating to create scoring opportunities for his teammates is an understatement. Instead he's viewed as a fluke, not a legitimate playmaker tossing alley-oops or finishing off of teammate Nenad Kristic lobbed pass for alley-oop slam in a 113-107 win against the Sacramento Kings.

Turning into a customary scorer, a feverish guard, a likable citizen in Oklahoma City, he’s worth the hype. But he has to produce in the playoffs, to earn some loving in which he’ll have to make an imposing transition in the playoffs.

So weathering the storm and making rumbling noise is the only suggestion.


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