To all the prejudice, brain dead hypocrites hating on Tim Tebow, a cynical nation debates whether he can have an impact in the NFL and satisfy a franchise’s agenda of excelling and contending for a playoff run, and even greater, a championship.

What the NFL needs is a humble-minded and evangelistic Tebow. He is a perfect role-model and religious individual, hallowed for his charitable work by visiting and ministering troubled inmates inside prisons and announcing his virginity beliefs to the world. What a troubled league needs, which is exposed to crime and rapidly turned into a horrible CSI league, is a community supporter, a true family man and a team leader.

The 21-year old football hero has much wisdom and perspectives on life. But he isn’t espoused or embraced, instead doubted and overlooked. Even though he represents everything we believe an athlete contains, such as strong persona and a heartwarming mindset, he’s disdained and recently is projected to be selected late in the first round or early in the second round.

For all the antipathy, the sporting society refuses to appreciate an impeccable and gifted athlete. The immediate reaction has been to express bitterness and doubt a two-time national champion at the collegiate level with high-character that he revealed during a four-year span at Florida.

Plenty of athletes are unappreciated, but now we turn our eyes towards Tebow, unconvinced of his natural powers converting to the pros. These days, the harassed prospect with much potential and dedication draft status declined.

And here in America, he’s not justified as a big-name worthy of emerging in the NFL in the next five years, but verified as a bust. To all the doubters, it’s hard to tell whether he’ll produce and shimmer in the spotlight, paralleled to all the eulogy he endured in Gainesville, Florida.

Can the perplexing citizens give him a chance to play in his first game, before they begin making observations?

It’s premature that half of the country denies acknowledging and adoring Tebow as a quarterback. For some absurd reason, he takes more criticism and skeptics pontificate whether he’s equipped to be drafted as a tight end or linebacker. You make your pick.

But I still say he’s worthy of calling the snaps and tossing the football on Sundays. If you disagree, that’s fine and dandy. It’s a bit strange the average individual has dubious reactions, without him even making his debut.

It’s no secret that he was portrayed as a beloved maestro and spotless role model at a young age. Not too many athletes have nearly devoted much of their time and profit, or even brightened the hearts of prisoners and sick children.

When he was at Florida where he showcased his erratic jump passes, stiff-armed defenders and carried the ball for touchdowns, he was worshipped in a community in which he danced and celebrated with a frenzied Gators crowd. However, he now suffers all the mockery and disrespect.

He’s either hated for all the hype he’s pampered with or his religious backgrounds that he exposed too much in the game. Rarely, do we hear about a 21-year old walking into prisons with his bible, traveling to the Philippines as paragon and pose as a remedy for a helpless country.

Nevertheless, it’s still a mystery if Tebow can throw accurately and release it quickly. But it’s a no-brainer that he’s the greatest newcomer entering the NFL. His positive beliefs and great class are needed badly in a petulant league, where an image stained with timeless scandals and poor judgment among players because of their apathy and lack of maturity.

With the entire buzz heard publicly, including much doubt from ESPN Todd McShay, he’s a quarterback and may probably land at Denver, Arizona, Seattle or even in his home state Florida as a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Sure, an organization will snatch Tebow away from his table Thursday night at the Radio City Music City Hall. And of course, the franchise will take a huge risk, but also bring in morality and inspirational leadership. As an athlete, he dreamed of playing quarterback since he was a kid, finally reaching a lifetime opportunity.

“My dream is to be a quarterback,” Tebow said. “And I’m going to pursue that as much as I can. I want to be a quarterback in the NFL. It’s been my dream since I was six…I’ve heard it since high school.”

He’s gradually developing and improving his passing abilities, taking on massive preparations and practice daily with his throwing mechanics.

Before you know it, he’ll blend in nicely with someone’s offensive schemes, especially if he goes to a team that implements the Wildcat or West Coast offense. It’s obvious that he has the features of a star quarterback and establishes himself as an instrumental piece, while adapting to the playbook and pro style offense.

A few weeks ago, a reporter accurately quoted Bengals receiver Andre Caldwell, who impetuously said, “I don’t think he’s going to be an elite passer ever.”

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But lately, he has impressed scouts and league executives in his workouts, in which he has displayed powerful arm strength and ideal precision within a two week span. Whatever is happening now, he’ll eventually have to alter his recent progress in a real competition.

For the frontrunners and projected observers, Jacksonville general manager Gene Smith is impressed with the upgrading in his passing game and seems obsessed of his work ethic.

“I know he’s been working at it, and if anybody can do it, it would be him,” Smith said. “He certainly has a will to prepare. People say there’s always exceptions to the rule. If there’s to be one at quarterback spot, it will be him in terms of going against everything everybody has said negatively about him with his long release. He’s out to prove to everybody that he’s certainly capable of competing at our level.”

Ordinarily, all prospects have flaws whenever they enter the NFL Draft. But in many ways, Tebow is a remedy for all the shams that has poisoned baseball, for all the jailbirds that have violated the NFL’s conduct policy for all the NBA thugs that haven’t learned to leave concealed weapons at home and for a disturbing Tiger Woods who couldn’t keep his pants zipped. He's an encouraging and gifted role model.

He’s the greatest and coolest man in sports, a true perfectionist and model.


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