LeBron James entered the podium as a very humbled man. Walking up to the stage, LeBron James accepted his second-ever MVP trophy, as it was also his second consecutive one as well.

LeBron, expressing tenderness, showed himself that he was a mature man. Even at a youthful age of 25, James acted as if he was a intelligent, courteous 30-year-old. James has yet to win a championship, but didn't it take Mr. Airness a while, too?

James shared his achievement with his friends and family. He thanked his mom, who had been raising him at the budding age of 16. Or he thanked his two uncles or his high school teammates.

He thanked his kids, who he talked about in front of the packed audience, all listening to what he says. The Cavaliers are the sports team of the city. And James has made it happen.

James brought up his teammates onto the stage towards the ending of his diffident speech. Many players fooled around, notably guard Delonte West; showing off his phone and record James' back. Center Shaquille O'Neal was probably the most prominent teammate there.

What James showed there showed how great of a guy he is. After answering the questions to the media, James brought his sons onto the stage. His son had a problem and James didn't care. He took care of him in front of the camera. It just shows how much of a family man he is.

Most guys would just do something so much more different to that. What I saw in that press conference, it just shows that the NBA needs more guys like him. A great player, great guy in person, great family man, and one hell of a human-being.

So unselfish, so mature, so amazing. LeBron James showed why he should be the face of the National Basketball Association. Many would disagree because of guys like Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade, who have rings. But James will get his rings.

And no disrespect to Kobe and D-Wade, but if LeBron switched teams with any of them, he'll most probably make the most impact. Ask anybody. James shows character. Dwyane Wade does as well but LeBron is more of a better player.

Kobe has shown selfishness before. And you can't start making a fuss because many people know it is in fact true. He rattted out Shaq. And now Shaq is with a player just as good, or better. His name is LeBron James.

Since coming into the league, James has made more effect than any other player. Another reason of showing James' unselfishness is that he gave us a clue: He will be staying in Cleveland no matter what happens. He'll stay. He said Akron, Ohio will forever be his home.

So I guess this could make impact of this year's free agency. Get ready to pick Bosh or somebody else Knicks, Clippers, etc. James has so many qualities as a player and a normal human being. He's a fantastic person.

And the new, true face of the NBA.


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