Aside from all the disgrace and uncertainty hovering over the heads of the U.S. in soccer, the one sport Americans aren’t culturally equipped in dominating or feeling a consensus belief, there’s an ethical understanding that the U.S. is actually a talented and sumptuous team, built to install a sense of pride in the hearts of all the individuals in America.

They were waiting for something special and witnessed an extravaganza that materialized in one of sports biggest events, escaping all the unlovely publicity, the everlasting stereotyping and ridiculing, and the lousy performances before the humiliation turned massively repulsive.

For a long time, the team here in the States has been degraded by propaganda and for underachieving on a global setting, vastly tumbled for the hopeless letdowns at an exhausting game that requires much zealous and consistency.

It’s a mutual feeling that soccer is unpopular in America, and remains as a disregarded sport, roughly is unseen and ignored as an elite sport, but a world-class competition in most countries. The typical fan is probably familiar with David Beckham, a big-name soccer star who’s famous for his features and his cologne, a product available in department stores as a hot item.

But it isn’t the same results for the gifted sport that he plays, when he’s not behaving as a celebrity who walks on the red carpet where he’s gunned down by paparazzi for the latest photo shot to feature in the recent issue of tabloids.

As it stands, he’s not the only famous soccer star after all, when the heroics of Landon Donovan converted on a game-winning goal in stoppage time Wednesday evening. He has brought much joy to Team USA, transforming the landscape of competition and expunging the misfortune.

He has inserted much aspiration, and is thrilled to contend at the highest level in the World Cup and compete with a believable mindset and an initiative to travel back home with the gleaming prize by the end of the tournament, though implications and challenges are very uncompromising.

And lastly, he may have revived a dying sport in the states by luring the causal fan to the World Cup, as the masses are willing to blow obnoxiously from a vuvuzela horn that sounds like a swarm of bees are buzzing around the locale.

It’s very appealing to see that Team USA has a hero, a virtuous leader who symbolizes the nature of soccer in a patriotic nation, enthusiastic to formulate a bonding attachment as the game becomes more evident and catches the eye of spectators when our players are on a mission to accomplish the unprecedented.

Although the organizers should be credited for marketing and publicizing its product nationwide after agreeing in a deal to televise its event on ESPN, a network that has impacted the growth nationally, Donovan should be a noteworthy name worshipped for his historic goal that will leave a mark in U.S. history eternally.

He salvaged an entire nation with his incredible feat and protected pride to defy logic in a historical sequence. What he did was indiscernible, unbelievable, special, breathtaking, extraordinary, unforgivable, wonderful and memorable, all assessable words needed to describe a sensational time.

At the threshold of the World Cup, he was smothered with a tremendous amount of pressure and had the highest expectations, unlike his teammates on the U.S. team.

As of recently, he shines on the beautiful stage and dominates the green surfaces of South Africa, with his keen footwork, agility and consciousness, knowing he has a shot at strengthening the reputation in the states.

If you missed it all, he was easily seen in the right place at the right time and scored the must-needed goal in the 91st minute to their only game in the group. Had he not scored, the Americans would have finished empty-handed, yet in other draw that they couldn’t afford.

Had he not fired one through the nets, the team wouldn’t have won or seized the three points that were necessary to advance to the Round of 16. The American traditional of failure or vulnerability no longer exists for which the U.S. isn’t vulnerable or an easy ouster, especially when it’s fortune to have Donovan.

When he finished and prevailed on a booted shot directly towards the net, which eased its way through the net to save the U.S. of agony and gloom, he was overjoyed and sprinted to the corner of the field where he was crowded by his teammates.

“I’ve been through a lot the last four years,” Donovan said. “I’m so glad it culminated in this way.”

It took a total team effort after Jozy Altidore charged and Clint Dempsey missed a well-designed shot, but even though he couldn’t convert, he had assistance from Donovan.

“Clint Dempsey did a good job to get in front of the goalie and it just bounced there,” Donovan said.

This is the wonderful story in American soccer, but can they continue to gleam remains a question. They’ll need strong play from goalkeeper Tim Howard, Altidore and Dempsey, who is ultimately a scoring element and a factor with more effectiveness, effort and, well, a little luck. But after topping Algeria 1-0, it’s easier to believe.

Four years ago, he was unproven and younger and still hadn’t developed into a primary star, but a lot has changed since then.

Many Americans believe. I believe, too.


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