If the NBA established evidence on what is a foul, a flagrant foul, a technical foul, a clumsy hit, bumping contact or even a shot to the face, an equivocal league wouldn’t be persisting in a convoluted discussion that predicated upheaval and commotion. Every postseason, there are prolonging debates whether the officiating is accurate in whistling the appropriate calls or no-calls.

Each season, it’s a lingering debacle that ruptures an entire league, with the draining and rampant calls charged on players infuriated over the poor officiating in a substantial moment.

Has it ever dawned on David Stern, the unrelenting commissioner who doesn’t take much pride or effort of instituting an investigation to probe suspicious officiating crews, that his association is languishing and fizzling for all the officiating flaws?

It’s a league with more blunders, as usual, and each season is interrupted by mismanaged ruling, regarding a specific possession in the game that could be risky for a team closing in on capping a meaningful win.

If the league evaluates and takes precise measures by insisting on perpetuating an unbearable and unfathomable circumstance that previously sabotaged teams from winning an important game, there’ll be less whistles blowing and a casual aftereffect.

Yet again the NBA screws up in a blunder, happening in the NBA Finals, a series when much is at stake and when a gaffe could obstruct any team from celebrating a championship.

In retrospect, we cannot forget the despicable sleaze that ruined integrity and rectitude in an uneventful sport .

His name was, Tim Donaghy, the former NBA referee who Mr. Stern described as a “rogue isolated criminal” during a press conference in a room of swarming reporters. Right then, the hideous and atrocious scandal that placed an ugly image on the most sternest and tyrannical commissioner had virtually the leverage to investigate all of the officials, and if they were caught for infringement, he had the major advantage of enforcing a harsh sanction.

For all the shame, he stained the league's reputation with the ugliest betting scandal and had to serve a suspension as the FBI investigated allegations that he had point-shaved basketball games over two seasons.

Later, he pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges, acknowledging that he had availability to inside information, which contributed to him predicting the winners and passing on his picks to a professional gambler in return for cash installments.

Because he was greedy and disturbed, he’ll never earn another opportunity to officiate an NBA game. Beyond all, he had a gambling addiction worse than Michael Jordan and had to spend 15 months in prison —deprived of his livelihood and a state of mind.

Needless to say, we don’t know what to believe in an age of sleazes and con artists who are diminishing the elegance and purity in sports.

The unanimous precept is that the NBA is committing a veiling crime called financial fraud, which tells us the league could allegedly be rigging a compelling postseason to expand the best-of-seven series, a dishonest blueprint to mount revenue. If so, this is a disheartened notion, just as the refs blow their whistles on nearly every possession, charging someone with a personal foul.

For years now, refs have received criticism for poorly-called games. Maybe they have difficulty seeing? Maybe they are trying to be fair to every team and appease the whiners? Or maybe they are showing favoritism? It’s hard to tell why the zebras sound the whistles on ridiculous calls.

Sooner than later, the slogan will convert from “Where Amazing Happens” to "Where Rigged Games Happen," with all the elusive corruption rationalizing to us that the league is in minor turmoil with the awful officiating.

For all the weird and odd calls, we can only posit that something phony is taken place, blindsiding the miraculous series. It’s really overwhelming that each postseason is filled with dubious and ambiguous reflections, especially when you hear whistles more than swooshing. It’s truly a league with severe issues, despite the rebirth of the Lakers-Celtics rivalry or the emergence of star power.

Although there’s evidently some hidden mess outraging a sport that Stern tries unyieldingly to recoil the disturbing and destruction that has taken place in his era, Donaghy testified in court papers that NBA referees were ordered to manipulate games to raise ticket sales and television ratings.

Though, he was a sleaze and a deceitful jackass, I actually believe Donaghy when he says that the refs manipulate the flow of games.

This is Where Weirdness Happens!


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