Washington Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth (92) looks over his notes on the sidelines during the third day of their NFL football training camp in Ashburn, Virginia July 31, 2010. According to the website washingtonpost.com, Haynesworth did not take his third attempt to pass a team conditioning test today, and will rest his legs before attempting the test again August 1.  REUTERS/Gary Cameron (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)
Who does Washington Redskins’ defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth thinks he is? After losing over 30 pounds this off-season, it still hasn’t changed the man’s attitude or anything at all. It just made him more lazy. To put it as positive as possible, Haynesworth is making himself look like a prime-diva of the NFL (and at this point, it excludes quarterback Brett Favre).
Haynesworth had to do some conditioning drills. It’s day six and he chose to skip it for the third time. Or maybe the fourth? I can’t even keep count now. Coach Mike Shanahan wants to make Al fit, but all he probably does is just sit on his couch and wonder of the times of when he did good in Tennessee when he played with the Titans.

Now let’s go back to February of 2009. Haynesworth was needed by the Titans after putting himself as the top player of his position. The Titans tried to place a franchise tag on him, but nothing was fixed and no agreements were made between both sides. So, hence, the Washington Redskins went with their obnoxious spending ways, offering Albert a seven-year, $100 million deal with an NFL-record $41 million in gurantees.

Now, obviously, that’s a lot of money. Haynesworth made himself as the 1o0-million-dollar baby. He was the man for the Redskins and showed that defensive tackles in the league matter and they are important. He set the tone for himself as one of the top defensive ends. Haynesworth was happy and everybody was thrilled for Washington.

“You’re not going to remember Albert Haynesworth as a bust,” he said.

The 27-year-old, 6’6″ 330-pounder hopes to do a lot for Washington.

“With the contract, it’s going to be all on me,” Haynesworth said. “My goal is to be the best player on the field and to eventually get to that Hall of Fame status and be mentioned with Reggie White and Bruce Smith and all the greats.”

Now jump from there to present day and see how he has done. He did not do so well and was now complaining because he didn’t want to play nose tackle as Washington reverted to a 3-4 defense. Haynesworth needs to fix his attitude. He acts as if he is the face of the franchise, but he isn’t. If Haynesworth keeps acting like this, he will turn out to be a bust and will be ranked probably number one in the worst contracts of all-time in NFL history.

Haynesworth was so fat, unaware, and unprepared that he couldn’t even pass the conditioning test. Haynesworth wouldn’t try passing it another time after failing the test a couple of times. Meanwhile, in Baltimore, Ravens’ 370-pound defensive tackle Terrence Cody passed the test and was not complaining.

On ESPN, analyst Mike Golic did the same conditioning test Haynesworth did and finished it. Now look at it. Haynesworth is nearing 30 years old and hasn’t played football for a couple of months and failed the test. Meanwhile, Golic is a man nearing 50 and hasn’t played since 1994 and he passed the test.

This shows that Haynesworth is a fat, lazy, ignorant diva who has greed taking over him.

Fat Al is the new diva of the NFL. He has a new movie deal set.

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