Can someone explain who the hell Ozzie Guillen is?

He’s a profligate imbecile bound to explode, simply because he has no morals or acceptable character, with an awful history ripping athletes, umpires, and management when the Chicago White Sox derail and badly stumble.

There were days, when the cantankerous manager generated postgame tirades or ill-humored tantrums during games, which reprehensibly created a ruckus inside the White Sox clubhouse and almost jeopardized his wavering job status while bearing the circumstances of laughable outbursts.

It figures that verbally lashing out obviously defines the traits of the ill-tempered skipper, with a resume of nonsense and insanity for religiously snapping and losing his mind, from the entire cartoonish disturbance floating in the organization.

If the White Sox were ever to advance further and end the dreaded ineptitude, the overly nice general manager, Ken Williams, must wave farewell to the no-good, worthless idiot, a douche bag unable to maintain self-control and an unblemished attitude.

The amount of anger issues and hot tempers, which are hilarious explosions for translating words colorfully and engaging in obscenity when surrounded by the local reporters after a discontent outing, are the equivalent of a ticking time bomb ready to explode instantly.

So he’s now baseball’s ticking time bomb and caused an extensive explosion, and as much as Guillen wants baseball lords to refer to him as an innocent man releasing madness and the truth, he’s still a disturbing diva and ill-advisedly utters inane conversations. Because of his poor imagery, he lost credibility a long time ago, having the gumption to single out players, the local media, and now the Majors.

Within moments on Sunday, he announced how he truly felt about the lacking priorities of Major League Baseball and lashed out on the difference between Latin and Asian baseball players.

It sounds like a typical tale heard constantly, an outdated discussion mentioned as often as the steroid scandals. Most of the time, however, his choice of words dents the image of a moody, up-and-down manager, blabbering at the mouth without thinking before reacting.

Even if he has mellowed and doesn’t have frequent rants or hissy fits, he’s still appearing on the front pages of tabloids and he’s seen on headlines for proffering an impromptu statement, unpleasantly speaking with a potty mouth or spiteful of someone. It doesn’t take much to enrage a livid manager in the Majors, but outlandishly it takes a minor issue prompting Guillen to behave like a clown, almost propelling the most buzzing soap opera in sports.

Just when it seemed he had matured into a likable manager, he’s verified as a villain once again and dumbly offsets the ugliest controversy and all-encompassing drama that deflates our spirit and peeves our senses. Amid the comical rift, the zealots are laughing out loud or LOL—if you believe in text messaging that continuously impairs the common understanding of literacy in America.

While we were gazing at the resurrection of baseball and witnessed what is an exciting season with all the no-hitters tossed, Guillen lambasted the Majors for diminishing his endorsement of keeping Latino players from utilizing performance-enhancing drugs. But the reality is that he essentially believes the media and Major League Baseball focus the attention on criticizing his nonsensical drivel, and instead teases Guillen when he tries to make a valid point, regarding the aspect of the perplexed game.

“I’m the only one to teach the Latinos about not to use,” he told reporters during an unforeseen rant in front of reporters Sunday. “I’m the only one and Major League Baseball doesn’t [care]. All they care about—how many times I argue with the umpires, what I say to the media. But I’m the only one in baseball to come up to the Latino kids and say not to use this and I don’t get any credit for that."

He’s suddenly pulling a Barry Bonds. He’s playing the racial card, after all.

“They look at you and they say, ‘Good for you Ozzie,’” he said. “Ozzie said it, don’t worry about it. If somebody else said it they would be playing that [stuff] every day on the Jumbotron…I’m the only that came up with that idea. I did it for the Latino kids…I want to help those kids.”

We all know what could be valid points, but we all know that Ozzie has very little credibility and as long as he throws rants, the Majors or even the general public won’t collectively gather to listen to his advice.

No matter what he believes, sounding off vulgarly at the mouth and childishly holding grudges won’t cure the urgency of mistreated Latinos. In his tenure, Guillen has a one-sided perspective of baseball mismanaging equality and balance in the game, but knowingly, he sometimes doesn’t speak accurately or with common sense, and blabbers without thinking.

Such is this.

“Don’t take this wrong, but they take advantage of us,” he said Sunday. “We bring a Japanese player and they are very good and they bring all these privileges to them. We bring a Dominican kid and say, ‘F---you, you go to the minor leagues, good luck.’ And it’s always going to be like that. It’s never going to change. But that’s the way it is.”

All of this from a paradox man who has undersized credibility for being a maniac. Now he knows how people really feel, gathering a conception, not a misconception that he’s a wacko, a portrait of Tony Montana, the senseless and evil dude in Scarface.

For instance, he has an awful background of ripping ex-players, but it’s very seldom that a manager downgrades an ex-player in a rant unless it’s Ozzie publicly attacking someone.

Each season, he becomes the subject of a repulsive matter, like badmouthing former White Sox star Magglio Ordonez in a shocking tirade. There were times, perhaps when Guillen was too outspoken, and used homosexual slurs referring to columnist Jay Mariotti.

What is it about an ill-tempered, immoral manager that always cowardly singles out someone as respectability shrinks because of his foolish, verbal attacks? He certainly isn’t a beloved custodian, but he’s definitely a pariah in a zealous atmosphere and still remains fortunate to be employed after feuding with GM Williams.

As generous as he has been to Ozzie, he begun losing patience and became tired of his sarcasm and loathsome remarks when he called out upper management and pointed the fingers at the executives. And still, to this day, the relationship between Guillen and Williams isn’t flawless when reportedly both were involved in a heated confrontation inside the clubhouse, an incident that escalated on the team’s decision not to draft one of Guillen’s sons.

But he’s taking another stance, with an assumption that Asians are treated fairly while the Latinos are treated unfairly. Someone can argue that he’s a hypocrite without common sense or that he’s strictly biased for believing that baseball is a prejudice sport, when in a sense, there might be some truth behind his explanations.

With all evidence that he’s bruised his reputation, all of his suggestions are dismissed and it seems like a horrifying diatribe. In many ways, he blames the umpires, too. After all, Joe West is his worst enemy, subsequently ejecting Guillen from a game for arguing a call not long ago.

If he does anticipate making the Jumbotron, he probably should state the issue nicely, not rudely or foul.

Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie, there’s no sympathy whatsoever. Well, maybe if you change your attitude.


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