Kevin Durant is currently tearing it up in the basketball world lately. He is just coming off some great seasons in the NBA, along with being the youngest player to win the scoring-title, in which he did just last season. He also led Team USA to beat Hedo Turkoglu and Turkey in the FIBA World Championships, setting records there as well.

Soon enough, he will be accepted as the number one player in the NBA. Many would want to tend to disagree with me on that statement. A lot of other names pop up that could replace Durant.

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, and Carmelo Anthony are some players just to name a few.

However, Bryant's time could pass in the next few years or so. And plus, to face the truth, they are many Kobe haters out there. There are so many Kobe haters that they don't even think he was the best player this past decade, or the best right now!

LeBron James has been viewed as a negative influence in sports to the American population, according to a poll. He is in the top ten list of the Most Hated Players in Sports. So, obviously, that will take some impact. With Carmelo Anthony wanting to leave Denver, that will have some impact, too.

Dwight Howard has yet to prove himself that he can lead a team by himself to the Finals or be the man. You can tell that from the series against the Boston Celtics last year in the playoffs.

Then there is Dwyane Wade, who won't be accepted as number one due to him being on the Miami Heat, as he has guys like LeBron and Chris Bosh.

So that leaves us as Durant, who will be viewed as the best player in the league. Being known as the number one player is from the people. And many will say that. Durant recently signed a five-year, $86 million deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and is making a small-market team grow.

LeBron did that, and was viewed as number one. That was, until, he left the Heat.

Same went for Kobe Bryant, who would be compared to Michael Jordan. But when the so-called rape charges and "selfishness" came in, Bryant was completely ratted out and gained haters. This will soon happen to James.

Same for Carmelo, who is pretty much copying LeBron. Chris Paul will also go into that vote.

Then there is Dwynae Wade. He could be lucky if he is considered number one, but with people thinking of how "stacked" his team is, it just can't happen.

And so there we have it, Durant will be number one.

And to be number one in the NBA, or number-one all-time, it's all about the image. If Kobe had the praise James used to receive, or Durant is currently having right now, I bet you anything he would be considered in MJ's range among the eyes of many people. But due to his image of the troubles he had long ago, it's just won't happen.

He can have more rings than Bill Russell, be the all-time points leader, and even just be completely unstoppable (even the age he is at right now) but he still won't be accepted as the best player ever. Soon enough, the best he can be is probably at number two.

And it is all because of the rape charges and things like that.

LeBron James was at that point in being the next Jordan, until he left Cleveland. Now he is in a different role. But I think he can still end up as the Top 20 players in the game.

As for right now, Durant is going to be the next best thing since Jordan for right now. No one will except Kobe. It's just as simple as it. It's reality. I can't imagine how pissed Los Angeles Laker fans are everyday when they hear haters ranting about Kobe.

People tend to look at the silly things off the court that happened than what they did in the game. Isn't it to be considered the best is to show it on the floor, not off the hardwood?

Not everyone's image is perfect, but they shouldn't over-exaggerate it. I mean, Jordan has had his fair share of ups-and-downs. He's cheated on his wife before, he's had gambling problems, and if you read The Jordan Rules he's had a massive ego as well. But he was competitive.

I will always think that Jordan will be the best player of all-time, unless of someone appears out of nowhere to be amazing.

But people, my main point is, the key to being number one in the NBA, or any sport or anything for that matter, is all about your image.

So if Kevin Durant leaves the Thunder once his contract expires, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else is chosen as number one.

Not at all.


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