By Chris Edwards

TCU, welcome to the Big East. The conference of crappy football and lousy geography. The Horned Frogs will be joining the conference in all sports in 2012-2013. The league also invited Villanova to move up from the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) and be their 10th team in football.

Ok, I'm not Columbus, but geographically this is a bad fit. Last time i looked Texas was in the southwest. I understand the Big Ten has twelve teams and the Big 12 has ten, but this is ridiculous. This might start a trend where conferences will extend invites location be damned. Football wise it works since TCU was looking to join an AQ conference and the Big East was looking to get some credibility from a football standpoint. Credibility has been lacking since Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College hauled ass with it to the ACC. Don't forget that when Bobby Petrino and Rich Rodriguez (yes, that guy) left their teams, they also hit the skids.Pittsburgh don't start asking for credit, because anytime someone gives you a little you guys blow. TCU should come in and be kings of a conference that is so bad they'll be putting a four or five loss team into a BCS game. I just can't buy a UConn team that was belted by Michigan as the representing as the conference champ. That's akin to Marty Jannetty being the Intercontinental Champion. This is the most fraudulent conference in college football and the ACC isn't far behind. Think about what will ahppen when Gary Patterson leaves for greener pastures. The move won't look so great then.

Looking at how weak the Big East is, the Horned Frogs are primed to be title contenders in the near future. They've knocked on the door and are now primed to kick it in. I can't wait for the Frogs to go all hopping mad on Big East football.          


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