By Josh Dhani
Michael Vick has had a lot of success since coming out of prison. Now he is the leader of the Philadelphia Eagles. According to ESPN.com, he could be the first person coming from prison and go to the Pro Bowl!

Maybe Plaxico Burress could be next.

Burress was the former New York Giants' wide receiver, who is most known for catching the game-winning touchdown-pass for the Giants when they beat the New England Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl, 17-14. Burress had a good stint with New York and he also played with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, his NFL career has been on hold now after being arrested. He accidentally shot himself in the leg at a bar. Burress will be out of prison on June 6, 2011.

But teams have expressed interest in him.

The Philadelphia Eagles seem like they may have had interest. Could Michael Vick be hooking up with Burress? That would seem like a good tandem.

The New York Jets expressed interest this past off-season, so that could work, too. But the Jets maybe have too many good targets.

But Burress will land on a team once he gets out of prison.

What team do you think will make a good option?


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