So the music industry must be as broken as the Tennessee Titans, when a little kid by the name of Justin Bieber won Artist of the Year award at the American Music Awards. It’s a divorce of mutual antipathy, and has miserably tarnished an irreparable relationship in the Music City a place that has fueled an ongoing feud, entertaining an everlasting soap opera in Tennessee.

The corruption looms in the South for a team still in contention of possibly claiming a postseason berth, but the disappearance of romance and an unhealthy relationship concerning Jeff Fisher and Vince Young has promptly disjointed an entire franchise, and has also paralyzed the mettle of the Titans. In the national viewpoint, it’s a time when no one has reserved judgment on Fisher’s psychological strategy to purge Young of his duties as the starting quarterback in the near future, prepared to move forward without the underachiever.

And by now, Titans owner Bud Adams knows he cannot possibly promise his quarterback and coach employment next season, as long as a full-blown feud in the annex of intense disturbance creates borderline insanity. And yet, at this moment, there's no remedy for both men in the middle of a disagreement for which reconciling seems impossible. If he has dismissed Young in an erratic culture, then the future gazes upon tumultuous, unless Adams offers an ultimatum as a cure.

The irony is that Fisher has turned down a priceless relationship, ready to disconnect with a quarterback in much enigma of his performance on turf. The glaring notion is that Fisher has no intentions in working alongside Young in the future, turning elsewhere to fill the hardest position in football. As of late Sunday, a shaky breakup created mayhem in the city of Nashville, hearing the titanic controversy in regards to an inevitable separation and the masses begging for both Young and Fisher to be ousted, furious of the tasteless dysfunction that has left a city dazed and disgusted.

The buzz, as of now, is reflected on Young's thumb injury and he will miss the rest of the season to undergo season-ending surgery, a timing excuse to shove away the fifth-year quarterback eternally. So, while Fisher is obviously dispirited with Young's progress, his boss insisted that both his player and coach needed to just get along. Assuming that the Tennessean reports are valid, Adams said Young will be the team's starter in 2011.

Without hesitation, he stated, "Oh, God, yes!"

Adams, a native of Texas who believes in his star player, trusts in Young. There is a reaction, however, to this theory of Adams defending his quarterback, partly because Young, a Houston native who guided the Longhorns to national title in a memorable upset over USC, is a well-known Texas breed and has similar ties as the Titans bias owner. As long as Fisher is the manipulator, after conducting a useful foundation since the team landed in Nashville, he'll be given the command to voice personnel decisions leading into the future of team layouts.

And if Young is part of the Titans blueprint down the road, a heated confrontation in the locker room is likely to erupt acrimony and could suddenly harm the stature of an unsettled franchise. The aura of the Titans is fading and Adams is stuck in a bad predicament, forced in releasing either his player or coach as a way to lull undesirable feuding. Few are more fortunate than Adams, such as Raiders owner Al Davis.

For once, without any cartoonish drama influencing a probable season, the franchise in Oakland isn't ridiculed but Tennessee is mocked for all the madness tearing down the Titans 5-5 season. It could have been the tirade and hissy fit he threw over on the sideline, when Young sustained his injury as he is now portrayed as a trouble-maker and a distraction, and perceived differently by a disgruntled Fisher. He knew he was lucky to be playing in the first place, even though he lacked maturity in the past and stumbled in must-needed games, only to be benched in favor of veteran Kerry Collins, who's recovering from a calf injury.

"I will say this," Fisher said of Young's injury, "had he been healthy, he still would not be the starter."

From the look on his face, Fisher is holding a grudge on Young. If so, it's hard to tell which direction this issue is leading to, when reports were released that he's welcome to the team's facility. It was shortly after the Titans 19-16 loss on Sunday against the Redskins that a verbal altercation had flared in the locker room, when Fisher opted not to allow Young back in the game in the fourth quarter.

"We are in the race," Fisher said.

Adams clearly knows Fisher of 16 years is his man, but he also believes Young is his franchise quarterback. He has been a cornerstone on this franchise for a long time, long before Young's arrival. And in this league, he has been a disciplinary coach, a trait that has defined his personality. Respect it, or leave it. That is Fisher's attitude.

There is no shortage of specifics on Young's lack of maturity, as to how he plays consistently, as to how he prepares in practice sessions, and as to how he handles adversity. The reality is that Fisher is ready to hand the rookie quarterback Rusty Smith the everyday task, confident that he's capable of the challenge. As far as he's concern, he'll be ready to replace Smith next week at Houston if he stumbles in his NFL debut with the recent addition of backup Chris Simms.

Anybody but Young.

When it ends dramatically and abruptly, someone must leave. It's understandable that either Fisher or Young will not return, but this is something Adams will have to figure out on his own.


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