By Joe Burgett
fanhouse.com interview with 'Taker
When the pro wrestling and MMA world witnessed the Undertaker/Brock Lesnar confrontation, leaks came out all over that 'Taker was trying to get a match with "The Next Big Thing" at WrestleMania 27.

The angle was supposed to be that when Lesnar won, Undertaker would interrupt the press conference at the end of the night and do some sort of shoot with Brock.

As we saw, Lesnar ended up losing his UFC Heavyweight Championship at the PPV. This meant that he would not really be doing much talking at the end of the show. This is why we saw 'Taker get lucky when Lesnar went by his seat during an interview with fanhouse.com.

The reporter had no idea about what was going on, and no one else seemed to either, which was why it was such a viral hit soon after.

Many believed 'Taker was going into business for himself at the time, but contrary to that, this was planned all along as I mentioned above. It just went down a different way.

Dana White mentioned that Lesnar was still under a UFC contract, which meant he could not wrestle at all in WWE. Obviously he'd be working with Taker, which wouldn't be bad for Lesnar because he would know that he'd be safe in the ring.

It would be no different than a workout for Lesnar, as the big man wrestles often for training. Doing that with Taker for some big cash wouldn't be so bad.

The WWE could still get Lesnar in somehow. But in a wrestling role? I highly doubt it.

The last athlete to cross over and actually have a match in WWE was Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He probably didn't have to deal with the contracts like what UFC has.

It would be good to see Lesnar back in WWE, but it's still uncertain how he'd ever be able to do it, with a few fights left before his UFC contract is up.

There is talk of a lot of former WCW names coming in, such as Goldberg and even Sting. Whether they will be there or not is undetermined. Some say both will be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame this year. It is a debate on its own whether they should be inducted.

Word coming out recently is that WWE is so uncertain on whether Lesnar will be able to come in, that they came up with about two other ideas on how to get crossover appeal.

Vince McMahon felt that WWE wouldn't land big PPV buys this year for WrestleMania, despite the economy being better than the past few years when WrestleMania still sold pretty well.

This is why he came up with a few "out of the box" ideas to get bigger buys, one of which included Lesnar.

The other two have not been thrown out yet, but McMahon has them in mind and both could actually still happen. With WWE's entertainment connections, there is a thought that some celebrities may make more than just the occasional backstage interviewer appearance.

"The Wrestler" star Mickey Rourke told people a while back that he'd love to come in and wrestle at WrestleMania one year because before when he was asked, he could only appear at WrestleMania 25.

He was under contract with the new Iron Man 2 movie at the time, and they couldn't risk his health. So he couldn't do it.

Now with Rourke taking off some from films, he could do a 'Mania match. So that may be one that McMahon has in mind.

The other could be that they will try and get another sports star in, which would have to be a big name.

Rampage Jackson, Chuck Liddell or Randy Couture are possible for the event, especially Jackson because has said he would love to come and wrestle with WWE. Now, I am not sure if his UFC deal is up or not. Liddell's is, as far as I know. And Couture's is, I believe.

The former UFC stars are possible only because they have talked of pro wrestling in the past, even though it's doubtful they would ever wrestle with WWE a lot. I for one would want to see Jackson come in, only because I know he is a fan and would love to do anything WWE asked.

In any case, those are just examples of what could happen. And NOT confirmed.

But there is something big slated to happen come WrestleMania time.

What do you think McMahon will pull out of the woodwork?


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