Remember when Gene Chizik was named the head coach at Auburn? I do. The decision was ridiculed from coast to coast. The "experts" thought he was the wrong guy. Charles Barkley even chimed in saying they should've hired Turner Gill and said Gill wasn't hired because he was black. They said he couldn't and wouldn't beat Nick Saban. Personally I thought it wasn't a good choice based on his 5-19 record at Iowa State. Especially since things got worse in Ames after he arrived.

Well, Chizik is close to having the last laugh. He's headed to the BCS title game with the probable Heisman Trophy winner in tow. Everyone that said he wasn't the right choice and that Saban would rule the state of Alabama are now eating crow. Chizik will feel complete redemption if he wins the national championship. The Tigers have surprised everyone, including me. I knew Cam Newton was a difference maker, but damn, this kind of difference maker. Who knew? I know what everyone is saying now. Cam Newton has "made" Gene Chizik. Even though Newton has led the Tigers on some memorable comebacks, it's been a good marriage between the two. More specifically Newton and Chizik's most important hire, offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn.

Of course for this story to have a happy ending they'll have to get by Oregon. Not impossible, but considering everything they've been through and what they've done all year I wouldn't doubt them now. 
By Chris Edwards


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