Just sitting here with entirely too much time on my hands, so I just had to get some things out of my system.

1. Why is it difficult for marquee programs to find a head coach? Yes, I'm talking to you Florida, Miami, and possibly Michigan again.

2. Speaking of Michigan, don't you think that the reason they get turned down by others is because everyone in Ann Arbor keeps clamoring for a Michigan man?

3. Why does Auburn assistant Trooper Taylor get just as much face time as Cam Newton? I swear, if I didn't watch football, I'd think he was the coach.

4. Why can't Houston get an invite to join the Big 12?  Please don't tell me it's about academics.

5. Is Temple's Al Golden holding out for the Penn State job?

6. Also, isn't the shine off of Rutgers' Greg Schiano and Fresno State's Pat Hill?

7. Won't the new Mountain West look like the WAC of the 1980's?

8. What happened to the days when an 8-3 record still got you a top 10 ranking and job security?

9. Why doesn't Texas Tech admit they made a mistake a bring back Mike Leach and his gimmicky offense?

10. Why did Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson take the Indiana job? I hope he's able to turn the Hoosiers into a bowl eligible program.

By Chris Edwards


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