It was about time the Miami Heat finally got things clicking from all three of their players in Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James. All played spectacular. After James gave an F-You to Cleveland, the Heat headed back to Miami to host the Atlanta Hawks. And they played well, cruising to a 89-77 victory as Miami improves to 13-8 while winning the fourth straight overall.

For the meantime this year, it has been James doing all the work. But finally, Bosh and Wade have helped out and the Heat had a game we expected with the big three before the year started. James had 22 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists. Dwyane Wade had 26 points and ten rebounds while Chris Bosh had 27 points and ten rebounds.

Wade is finally getting those big points, Bosh is finally putting up big numbers in the rebound-category, and James is doing what he does with all those near-triple-double-figures.

"It's just a better feel in the locker room, away from the game, but also on the basketball court," Wade said. "We're starting to 'get it' with each other. ... It's making a world of difference."

James was received with terrible chants in Cleveland with "Akron Hates You!" When he returned to Miami, he was loved again with "Miami Loves You!" James is in a new home and it is time to move on. It's clear Cleveland hates him. James got quiet in the second half, but Wade and Bosh stepped it up big so it was fine.

The Hawks were able to cut the lead to 74-72 but missed a bunch of shots as the Heat created a huge run at the end to seal the deal for a victory.

"They're a tough team," Hawks coach Larry Drew said. "Anytime you have three guys that can potentially be 20-plus every night, you got your hands full."

Miami was dealing with a lot of criticism after falling to 9-8 last week. But with this win-streak, Miami is back on track to do what they were set out to do this year in the first place. Erik Spoelstra was getting the worst of it. But now, he has straightened his team out and they are slowly getting back to the top.

"If you don't break from crises, conflict, adversity, those moments make you stronger," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "And we didn't cave in."

Al Horford played well for the Hawks, scoring 22 points with nine rebounds along with ten-of-eleven shooting. Jamal Crawford and Josh Powell had twelve points, Josh Smith had eleven, and Mike Bibby had ten.

This is a great win for the Heat. They are getting it together and they're clicking!

"We got the crowd into it," Bosh said, "and we won the game."

"We're figuring it out," James said. "We're figuring out what it takes for us three to be successful, and to have the team win."

By Josh Dhani


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