We have all heard about the lockout rumors. The NBA could be heading into one as well as another major league, the NFL. After a great win over the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics' power forward Kevin Garnett said that this season could may very well be his last.
"At some point, especially with the lockout coming up ... Who knows if this is my last year, or (if) we don't play next year, what it's going to be," Garnett said.. "So I'm trying to enjoy the guys now."

If Garnett does in fact retire, he'll be known as one of the best players to play in the game. He retires with a ring, which is something to really be happy about. 

Garnett is 34-years-old and he is entering the last year of his contract. But Garnett could still play if the lockout is only for a small portion of the 2011-12 season, or just the summer. But if it takes a big amount out of the season or the whole entire season, this could be the last year NBA fans can witness K.G. play.

I, for one, don't believe the lockout will happen. But the way things have been going right now, I wouldn't be surprised. 

But if it does and K.G. retires, it's really going to stink not watching the Big Ticket play anymore. It's even worse, because what are we basketball fans going to watch for the winter and then on through the start of Summer.

By Josh Dhani


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