The Detroit Lions finally won a division game, rewarded for a strong effort despite not having anything to play for. The result was a 7-3 victory over the Green Bay Packers.

While the Lions front four played well, the Packers lost starting QB Aaron Rodgers to a concussion, and backup QB Matt Flynn threw that critical interception, the game may have come down to two questionable decisions by Packers head coach Mike McCarthy.

The first one occurred in the third quarter when McCarthy decided to go for a field goal instead of challenging the call that Greg Jennings trapped the ball in the end zone on a pass from Flynn. Jennings immediately got up and tried to convince his coach to throw the flag, but McCarthy refused.

While replays were inconclusive, the play should have been challenged. As a result, that TD would have matched the lone Lions TD; instead, Green Bay got three points.

The second brain cramp occurred on the very last play of the game, when McCarthy called for Flynn to go for the home run ball, which fell incomplete in the end zone instead of trying to pick up the first down. This was on a fourth-and-one!

Maybe this is a good gamble if Rodgers is in the game, but to go for it with your backup QB in the game just didn't make sense.

With the Packers now sitting at 8-5 and facing a Patriots team next weekend, possibly without Rodgers, these decisions could have cost them a shot at the playoffs.

Now, I certainly do not mean to take anything away from Detroit, who deserved to win this game. Ironically, Lions linebacker Landon Johnson, who was one of the players who caused Rodger's concussion, was carted off the field in the third quarter with a neck injury.

No word on his status, but thoughts and prayers are with the man.

With the win, a 19-game Lions losing streak within the division was broken. As for the Pack, Rodger's status has to be questionable for next week, considering this is his second concussion of the season.

Rodgers also was concussed in an overtime loss at Washington in October, though he played the following week. A second concussion, especially with the league keeping a closer eye on head injuries, makes his return doubtful.

The Lions are playing good ball but until Sunday had fallen short of winning on most weekends. However, they held on to defeat Green Bay, doing the Bears a huge favor in the process.

Even if New England beats the Bears, Chicago will be 9-4 with a win over the Packers. If Rodgers is indeed out, you can probably stick a fork in them.

And for that, you can point to the Lions front four. But while you're at it, if you're a Packers fan, perhaps you have a finger to point at McCarthy.

By Bob Warja


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