Rapist or millionaire....or both?
There’s been a flurry of rumors and moves today in baseball, I guess the sport’s trying to take what it can away from the NFL right now.  The first we heard was that the Adrian Gonzalez trade to the Sox fell through.  A certain Boston fan sitting right next to me basically wanted to kill himself when he read this news.  What really blows for the Red Sox is that Yankees resigned 2 Hall of Famers this weekend while they lost a HUGE potential piece to their team next season.  Apparently it was the contract extension that ended the trade, as Boston wasn’t willing to give him 8 years.  I mean thats a long ass time, but Gonzalez is fucking amazing, and if he can hit 40 hrs in PETCO he’ll crush 60 in Fenway.  Just sayin’ Theo.

Now to the biggest story of the day.  Jayson Werth, one of the most overrated players in baseball just became probably THE most overrated if the Nationals actually think he’s worth this kind of money.  Today, Werth spurned the Phillies and probably the Red Sox also as he chose to sign with the Washington “we wanna suck for another 7 years” Nationals at 7 years $126 million.  Yup, you read that right.  According to multiple sources on Twitter, this is what having a monster beard and hitting check swing just over the wall homers at Citizens Bank Park will get you now a days.

Mark my words.  In three years, this will go down as the worst contract in the league, just like until this past season we talked about Vernon Wells every other damn day.  Werth will be nowhere near worth this kinda money and the Nationals will still be in last place this year, and the next, and the next, and I’m assuming the next.
 By Ben Jones


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