Not that it really matters, but Hawaii is jumping ship from the WAC (Western Athletic Conference) to join the Mountain West in football only starting in the 2012-2013 season. They will join the Big West in all other sports.

Well, I hate to say it but, who cares. The Mountain West lost all credibility when BYU decided to go all Destiny's Child by going Independent. Then Utah took off to the Pac-10 (or 12). After all that TCU went to the Big Least, er, Big East. They Mountain West did pick up Boise State, Fresno State and Hawaii. Now if the MWC held on to BYU, Utah, and TCU, I would say that the MWC would've been major players at the BCS table. I might've suggested they drop New Mexico, which would've put them at twelve teams. Instead they've been kicked back to the kids' table again. In 2012 here's how the Mountain West will look:  Boise State, Fresno State, Nevada, Hawaii, Colorado State, San Diego State, UNLV, New Mexico, Wyoming and Air Force.

This looks like how the WAC used to look back in the 1980's, along with BYU and Utah. It actually resembled an actual conference like the Mountain West. Now the WAC is struggling to maintain, at least football wise, an FBS conference with any shred of relevancy.

By Chris Edwards


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