By Chris Edwards

Out of all the craziness in college football that happened over the weekend, I'll start with the obvious. Auburn. The Tigers staged the comeback of comebacks this season against Alabama. They took Bama's hardest shot, withstood it and pulled out a great win over the Tide. This game reminded me of Drago/Balboa, how Bama started out and rode the home crowd to a 21-0 lead. Then the Tigers came back and stunned all of Tuscaloosa by stealing the win. I don't care what the circumstances are, just give Cam Newton the Heisman already. I'm telling you, this is what Terrelle Pryor should've been. My only concern is that Auburn does show signs of a suspect defense, but somehow gets it together long enough to get some key stops and let the offense takeover.

It'll be strange to not see the Texas longhorns going to a bowl game. Texas A&M was more than happy to drive home that point on Thanksgiving. The Aggies were somehow were relegated to the Cotton Bowl even though they did thump Oklahoma.

Speaking of the Big 12, it'll seem like old times when Nebraska faces Oklahoma in the championship game. The Sooners topped Oklahoma State 47-41 to win the South, which ended in a three way tie. Nebraska drilled Colorado to claim the North. This rivalry has been on the back burner since the Big 12's inception and now we get to see both go into it highly ranked like those great games in the 80's.

Oregon once again overcame early defensive trouble to beat Arizona 48-29. All the Ducks have to do is win the Civil War game against Oregon State to roll into the national championship game undefeated.

UConn, yes UConn is in position to claim the Big East's BCS bid. Thsi is bad business. If they had a rule that a team with more than 3 losses can't participate in a BCS game or rotated the automatic bid to someone with the best record or highest ranking, we wouldn't have this bulljive like TCU going to kick around the Big East for the next five years. No disrespect to UConn, but they got beat by Michigan. Does this mean Michigan is BCS quality? Insert laughs.

Virginia Tech will face Florida State in the ACC title game. All will be right in this conference when Florida State and Miami start kicking everyone around. Viriginia Tech isn't bad, but if you lose to James Madison, you shouldn't be in a BCS game either.

The Big Ten ended in a three way tie only to see Michigan State, get pimped by the system. Under the old rules they'd be going to Pasadena. Under the current set up they get the Texas A&M treatment. Hello Florida. I can understand why Mark Dantonio is upset.    

Michigan get two more weeks of practice. They need all they can get. That game against Ohio State was an embarrasment. In the last three games under Rich Rod's watch they've been outscored 100-24. I believe Rodriguez could've turned this around,but he's too stubborn to realize his own mistakes. If Lloyd Carr left the cupboard bare, he's gonna leave the whole damn house empty.

Nevada picked off Boise State 34-31. I said this would be a difficult game for Boise and I was proven right. I just didn't think their defense would collapse or that kicker Kyle Brotzman would channel his inner Neil O'Donoghue and shank two field goals that would eventually cost the Broncos the game. I guess they'll get an extra home game on the smurf turf.

Notre Dame beat USC for it's first win in 8 tries after Trojans' receiver Ron Johnson dropped a sure touchdown that would've  won the game. Oh well.

A loss to South Florida earned Randy Shannon the axe in Miami. The Canes finished a disappointing 7-5 after starting the season with championship aspirations.


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