Boy, it's about time since the Carmelo Anthony trade has happened. A broker from New York was selling season-tickets for the New York Knicks, and potentially missed out on $40,000 total in profits.

But thank God for the Carmelo Anthony trade. However, the man still may not be very happy. He sold the tickets for Wednesday's game, which Anthony's New York debut, too early.

So with that, he lost out in $10,000 in profit for that game.

Here's more from CNBC:
One broker, who left his job as an accountant to sell tickets three years ago, opened up his books for CNBC, providing that we did not mention his name.
Over the course of the last three seasons, he estimates he has lost at least $40,000 trying to get rid of his tickets. He bought 49 season tickets this year hoping the Knicks would land LeBron.
He says he has made $15,000 on this season and is relieved the team signed Anthony. His one problem? He sold his seats too early for Wednesday night's game and therefore thinks he lost a potential $10,000 in profits.

Gee, that really sucks.


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