Phil Jackson has said many times already that this will be his last season as an NBA coach. The Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach has seen his last appearance at the Madison Square Garden.

It means something to him. Los Angeles was coming off a win over the Knicks at the Garden.

Here’s more from the New York Times:
“As many great games have been played there, I think I’ve been in a ton of them,” Jackson said Wednesday, reminiscing (but only a little) over lunch. “It’s probably the most familiar building I have in my history as a player and coach…”

New York is different — “a magical place to live,” Jackson said — and the Garden represents more than basketball. (Kobe) Bryant understands it. Over the years he has heard Jackson tell countless stories, some funny, some poignant, about his Knicks days. This trip to the Garden will be different.

“He’ll never show it because he’s always a coach that stays in the present,” Bryant said of Friday’s visit. “But I’m sure it means something to him.”

I can see how he feels.


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