From Marc Stein, via Pro Basketball Talk:
Minnesota was one of the teams identified in last week’s story — along with Atlanta, Orlando, Portland, Toronto and Nash’s old friend Dallas — as a determined suitor for Nash.

The Wolves, sources say, have called Phoenix as much as anyone, despite that they’re well aware Nash has only one year left on his contract after this season and have to presume he’d have little interest in a long-term stay in Minnesota.

That they couldn’t count on having Nash for more than one season, as we’ve noted, is why the Wolves can’t afford to build an offer for Nash around Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio. For all of his struggles with Barcelona this season, Rubio remains too prized a commodity for the Wolves to give him up for Nash and then watch Nash walk away a season later.

I think this trade could make sense. Steve Nash could definitely help Ricky Rubio when he returns as the guy has a lot of potential. Along with that, if Minnesota includes Jonny Flynn more into the team, the T-Wolves could be stacked on their starting five, and a lot at the guards position.

Nash, Rubio, and Flynn all running the point? That's dangerous. And with Kevin Love and Michael Beasley also there, I think Minny could be heading into the right direction and can find some hope for the future.

But still, Minnesota is trading for a big contract of a guy who is going to nearly retire soon. Nash is losing luster and heading to Minny, he may not be as good enough. Plus, they're wasting their expiring contracts they could use as an advantage in free agency. They also need a lottery pick in the draft.

Besides adding veterans, Minny needs youth.

Adding Nash does have some upside to it, but mostly, this trade is kind of stupid.


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