Rip Hamilton has been a bum this season. He's only played like one game since January and will remain on the bench for the rest of the season.


Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Hamilton said (actually, not said...YELLED!) some pretty hurtful things to head coach, John Kuester:
As stunned coaches and teammates watched, Hamilton bellowed at Kuester that he had been a failure in his two seasons in Detroit, blown the opportunity the franchise afforded him and was nothing more than a career assistant coach, sources said. Despite Hamilton yelling within inches of him, Kuester didn't respond.
Hamilton was also the only person who didn't give a reason for missing practice the other day.

The weird thing is that Hamilton did not accept being trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The idea was that Hamilton would be traded there, accept a buyout, and get signed by a team like the Celtics or Bulls. Reports say that he could have been a starter with Chicago. 

Instead, Hamilton is riding the bench for the rest of the season.

Maybe he's worried about the money, because he is making $12 million per year.


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