Another day and another choke job for the Heat as they continue to struggle against the NBA’s elite.

It’s now becoming a disturbing trend how often they blow 20+ point leads. If you didn’t question the heart & motivation of this team before or at any point in the year blowing last nights 73-49 lead to Orlando with only 15 minutes remaining in the basketball game most assuredly did.

During this circus act of a loss we had the great oppurtunity to watch this team meltdown on the court; at the forefront of the theatrics was the biggest drama queen of them all Chris Bosh. The highest most useless overpaid 3rd option in the history of the NBA.

It was great seeing LeBron riffle this pass off his face which he didn’t see coming.
Then following the loss Bosh showed a bit more emotion proceeding to throw the ball into the court. Almost better then the play itself is the great play by play, analysis and laughter the guys who recorded the video provided.

After the game Bosh had the opportunity to address the media where it was quite clear he had some tears on his face.

My reaction to all of this:

Can they get any softer? I don’t think its possible. But with Bosh in the mix anything appears to be possible.

-Chad Margulius


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