The Miami Heat have gone into a crying-fest lately as all the players are crying now after losses. The Heat are currently on a four-game losing-streak. It all started with Chris Bosh, but other players would follow.

The Knicks reaction?

Chris Sheridan has more from ESPN:
When the locker room first opened to reporters after the game, Stoudemire and Anthony were bantering and laughing about players on the Miami Heat crying after their loss earlier Sunday to the Chicago Bulls, with Stoudemire fingering Chris Bosh as the watery-eyed one (although Bosh, when asked by reporters in Miami whether he had cried, said he almost had but did not).
"I heard Chris Bosh was crying tears," Stoudemire said.
"Tears?" Anthony asked.
"Yeah, tears," Stoudemire replied.
"Wait 'til I call him, man," Anthony said. "I'll be like: 'What are you doing?'"
Pretty fun, but cruel.

But then again, I'd laugh too if I were one of those two.


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