Fans stood outside as police tried stopping man with the knife. (AP Photo)
Before the Los Angeles Lakers-Cleveland Cavaliers game, a man with a butcher knife was seen on the court wandering around. The man walked through the entrance the security guards had to surround him. It took an hour before he was finally caught and the police finally showed up.

"He tried to enter the doors and we tried to secure him and stop him ... he pulled out a knife at that point and told our officers in no uncertain terms to get away from him," one of the guard, Lee Zeidman, said.

The man ran onto the court, but 25 guards were surrounding him. The man wasn't doing anything, but he did enough to freak everybody out. He did enough to have three police officers pointing a gun at him.

"He was talking a lot of gibberish, making a lot of veiled threats, and nobody could really understand him," Zeidman said. "There were no specific demands. He told us: 'Just back away or else you're going to get hurt. Leave me alone. I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to get whatever I want.'"

He would finally get caught.

Blake Griffin would put on a show that night, however, after everything was all said and done. He'd have 30 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists as the Clips rolled to a 100-92 victory.

Looks like anything can happen in Staples Arena!


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