We all knew Miami would beat the 76ers. No shock there. So now all the Heat haters will look to the Boston Celtics as the team that finally cool off the Heat. For most of the season, Celtics were the better team. But does that matter? The playoffs are different.

But then look at the Hawks and Magic. Hawks won the season series 3-1 so was it really a surprise that the Hawks won in the playoffs too? Grizzlies split their season match-ups with the Spurs. Although everybody thought that it didn't matter, that Spurs would win, Memphis stood tall and fought back and won the series 4-2.

Season games have to play a major role in how the playoff match-up turns out. It's not the ultimate decider but it does have an impact. Looking at how the Heat vs Celtics season went, Boston is the favorite to win. So what can the Heat do to stop history from repeating itself? Dwayne Wade and LeBron James. If Heat want to win, they have to do more than just give the ball to one guy while the other guys stands and watches. Sixers won game four because the Heat iso'd James. They should've at least made Wade move around to distract the defense.

How many teams have two superstars that can close games? And yet, the Heat seem to resemble the Hawks with iso after iso. And the Celtics are ranked #2 defensively so...yeah. Ball movement is very important. Boston can slow anybody down, but you cannot completely shut down Wade and/or James.

So what does Boston have to do to stop the Heat? Pick their poison. Either Wade will kill you or James. Can't stop both but if you focus on shutting down one player, now the Heat only have one superstar with a bunch of role players surrounding him. Also, Rajon Rondo is going to be in the spotlight. Did you see what he did to Toney Douglas and any other point guard New York tried to slow him down with? Triple Double. Mike Bibby and Mario Chalmers? Rondo's going to have ball doing whatever he wants. Wade could cover him but what about Ray Allen? Allen is the leading 3-point shooter for a reason. He gets open. And not just outside but he's got game inside too. Rondo can't shoot but he's quick enough to get to the rim.

Lots of media attention has gone to the Heat and how they were going to win ring after ring. But guess what? Celtics have been there, done that. Celtics are a team that can handle the Heat (how are the puns working for you?). Prediction: Celtics in 6. Thing is, Celtics know how to win on the road. Also, the Heat fans have been quiet all season and playoffs. Are they saving their cheers for later? Wade says all of the white gives him migraines. So where is the home court advantage? Heat are going to have to win on the road. Otherwise, it will go to game 7 or the Celtics will win on the road and end the series early.

If, and possibly when the Heat lose the series, will they cry after the game? When things are looking bad, will James give up again and take his talents to L.A.? New York? Cleveland? (Kidding!) No matter what, this will be the biggest series in an already entertaining playoffs. Whoever wins this may make it to the Finals. But let's just focus on this series for now.


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