The Final Four is here today, and whoever wins will head on and play in the NCAA Championship game. This is going to be a great Final Four. This is probably one of the most unique ones I have ever seen. Let’s start it off.

Brandon Knight and Kemba Walker look to put on a show tonight. (US Presswire, Getty Images)
This will be a solid match-up. Kemba Walker has shown this season that he deserves to be College Basketball’s player of the year. Although he fell behind to Jimmer Fredette in the final standings, Walker is the only player who was voted for MVP left in the tournament. Fredette, Jared Sullinger, and all of them are out.

Walker remains. And boy, nobody can stop him. He will face a hot Brandon Knight, who has hit big buckets in the past few games. But Walker has done too much this year to not lead UConn to the championship. I just feel UConn is the stronger team and I just don’t think they can stop Walker.

My Pick: UConn
It will be the Battle of the Cinderellas in this match-up. (Bob Donnan/US Presswire)
Now who imagined these two visiting each other in the Final Four? VCU is this year’s Cinderella team. Butler has already been there and done that. Now they are here as a true basketball team. But they better watch out and stop VCU. They are team that you can not mess with.

But Butler has been here, and I believe, are the strongest team in this tournament. They have topped the best teams, but yet, so has VCU. If they can stop Skeen and Rodriguez and just shut them down, Butler is now on their way to their second straight championship appearance. VCU has to stop Shelvin Mack and try penetrate the big shots Matt Howard has been making all this time in the tournament.

This is going to be the battle of the Cinderellas. But Butler has been here before and know what they are seeing coming from VCU. And with a one-two punch of Howard and Mack, I just don’t VCU stopping them.

My Pick: Butler

We’ll see what happens, but this is going to be a great match-up no matter what happens.


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