Remember when Brandon Roy complained about his minutes? Remember when we said that he will never be the same? Remember when we completely changed our mind about his superstar status in the NBA, only just a few days ago? Well, today, all of that is long gone.

Just 24 hours after finally having a good game, Roy finally played like what the Portland Trail Blazers wanted him to: like a star. And he did, leading the Blazers to a 84-82 victory over the Dallas Mavericks to tie up the series between the two.

Roy had 24 points, including a big one with 39.2 seconds left to lift Portland from a 23-point deficit to a come-from-behind, stunning victory. Portland became only just the third team in history to to come-from-behind 18 points or more entering the fourth quarter and win a playoff game.

Roy was just on fire throughout the game as the Blazers won their second straight.

"I've been in some pretty good zones before," the three-time All-Star said. "But nothing like tonight."

Roy had gone through a lot this year. He was rumored that he could retire and could never go back to the same form he was again after having problems with both of his knees. He would only averaging less than five minutes or so per game in the Blazers losses to the Mavs on the road, which made them trail 0-2. But since Roy's all-of-a-sudden emergence, the Blazers are back into the series.

His teammates gave him a huge uplifting celebration.

"It still just doesn't feel real yet," he said. "It was just an unbelievable game and comeback. With everything I've been through this season, they just all came into that moment there on the court when guys were grabbing and cheering me on. It was real special."

Dirk Nowitzki had 20 points and Jason Terry had 13. Shawn Marion had twelve points and eleven rebounds. LaMarcus Aldridge had 18 points for Portland, and Gerald Wallace had ten points along with eleven rebounds. Wallace gave some huge praise for Roy after the game.

"When people ask me what did I do in the fourth quarter, I'll tell them I stood in the corner and watched The Brandon Roy Show," Wallace said.

The Mavericks are surely stunned and look to get revenge in Game Five at Dallas.

"Did we let up? I think we let up, yeah. There isn't any question," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said.

A solid win by Portland and a great showing by Roy. Glad to see Roy is doing great now. And his word to his naysayers?

Guess who's back?


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