Ricky Rubio has a lot of promising talent and he hopes to pass it on to a struggling Minnesota Timberwolves' franchise, where they could surely use his help. Rubio was drafted by Minnesota a couple of years ago, but decided to return to play overseas instead.

However, reports came up that Rubio is open to signing with the team, but a lockout could affect it. If a lockout does happen, though, it will be hard for Minnesota to convince Rubio to play with them. But if there is no lockout, there is a good chance and GM David Kahn believes so, too.

"A little birdie says the Minnesota Timberwolves have received word from Rubio's family that he's open to signing with them for next season -- if there is a season," wrote the Pioneer Press.

Ken Berger then added the following:
"Indications (are) that Rubio has informed GM David Kahn that he plans to be in Minnesota next season barring a lockout."
The Star Tribune then made this response to Berger's report:
"It's basically what David Kahn has been saying for weeks: He expects Rubio to be here. ... Kahn has been confident at every turn that Rubio's coming and he's hinting that it could be sooner rather than later."
Right now, reports say that Rubio may most likely be heading to the NBA. If this happens, Minnesota will surely have a franchise point-guard that they have wanted for many years. And we know how these T-Wolves are with guards. But with that, Minnesota will also be looking to receive many offers for the Spanish stud.

We'll see what happens, but it so far looks like some good news here in Minny.


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