Many have already got their predictions set for the big game today between the Butler Bulldogs and the UConn Huskies. Louisville coach, Rick Pitino, already got his prediction notched in.

"I think Butler will win the game, and it won't be at the buzzer," Pitino said. "It'll be by seven or eight points."

Even led by Kemba Walker, UConn will lose by this much?

"My observation is that Connecticut's a tired team right now," he said. "I think Kemba [Walker] is worn out. I think Butler is the winner because of it."

Butler has shown this year that they are not just some underdog team and a one-tourney-wonder last year, with a team led by Gordon Hayward. This team is truly now a basketball powerhouse, and all thanks to one very young basketball genius in Brad Stevens.

Stevens will be facing a coach that is twice as old as him in Jim Calhoun. Calhoun already has two titles under his belt, and winning a third one makes him legendary, joining a list of coaches like Bob Knight and John Wooden, all who are coaches that won three titles or more in their NCAA coaching career.

Stevens has yet to win one. This will be his second appearance he does no want to spoil it. Butler lost last year to Duke, but had the praise as runner-ups. But they don't want that to happen anymore. They want to come out as winners.

"Our guys had a whole offseason of pats on the back," Butler coach Brad Stevens said. "We thought we were preparing really well and we got blasted. I think I learned a lot that game about just how hard this target is going to be."

Nobody would have picked Butler to make it to the Elite Eight. No one would have guessed that this Butler team is somehow one of the favorites against this UConn Huskies team. But that is just how it is.

"All this is the norm now," he said. "I was surprised that Ohio State and Kansas didn't get [to the Final Four], but I think this will be the norm every year. It's Russian roulette every year.

"I think it's great. I've always been a big proponent of 96 teams [in the NCAAs] because it would be great to see the Harvards in there. The college game is not about kids staying one or two years. It's part of it, but the majority of the teams are made up of players who are there for four years and for an education. I think a Butler win would be great for college basketball."

Many are already picking Butler to win. Listen, I am from Indiana, and I have been cheering for this team all tournament. But I picked UConn to win from the start. I am not a big Butler fan, I am more for Indiana University as my favorite. But if Butler wins -- much respect.

Butler, I am sorry, but it looks like you'll be finishing as runner-ups once again. I think Pitino may be wrong by saying Kemba Walker is worn out. This guy is just too unstoppable. When it all goes down, I'll have to say UConn comes out as winners and Walker has a big day. It will be a close one.

Why else would this be a Showdown at Sundown?


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