Talented, humble, skilled, hard worker and a leader. Those are the words that can best describe Thunders’ forward, Kevin Durant who by all accounts looks that he’s going to be a legendary player.

You might call me crazy for even thinking that Durant could end up as a candidate for the honor of the Greatest Of All Time title, but he has all of the needed things to be one and seems that he’s ready to be an all time great.

He’s a gifted scoring machine. He’s an amazing offensive threat who can find the bottom of the net from just about anywhere with his silky smooth shot. He’s capable to connect on variety of difficult shots too.

Also, for a player of his age, he’s got a nice post up game as he uses his soft touch and length to dominate his opponents. There’re few reports saying that he’s working on putting another muscle, so he can get get better looks and to score from the post more easily.

Now, that’s scary in there. He’s the two time reigning scoring champion, and he may lead the league in scoring. He’s got a shot to beat Kareem’s all time record in points if he can keep up this thing.

He’s got a great work ethic. Durant is improving every day, and is becoming even bigger force. His basketball IQ is off the charts. He knows what he needs to do to be the best in the league, and works hard in elevating himself above the rest.

In age where you can get to be a star with two good highlight plays, he’ll be a real superstar for years to come. He’s not all offense though.

Durant is a good defender, because he’s close to being a seven footer which gives him versatility and has that 7’5 wing span. Yes, he’s got potential to be an outstanding defensive player.

Of course, he’s got flaws but considering his work ethic, will to improve, talent and potential, there’s no doubt that Kevin Durant will be a candidate for the G.O.A.T honor once he calls it a career.


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